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So you didn’t like your old commercial landscape contractor.  Maybe they didn’t mow as frequently as they’d agreed to do.  Maybe they left their equipment lying around in an unsafe manner.  Or maybe your property was looking shabby and poorly maintained.  Whatever the reason, you decided it was time for a change. You did your … Continued

Aeration and seeding are two key components to a beautiful lawn and a necessary part of maintaining a healthy landscape.  If done regularly, ideally in the spring and fall, your turf will grow lush and thick and will be able to withstand any physical and weather-related stresses it may face. Aeration Aeration is essential for … Continued

At Bluegrass Landscaping and Maintenance, we create and maintain landscapes for our customers that are beautifully manicured and professional, and through the changing seasons, we make sure that each property looks its best.  When winter rolls around, plants and turf go dormant, pests go into hibernation, and everything ceases until spring.  But we don’t!  We’re … Continued

There are many reasons why fall is a wonderful time of year.  The trees bursting with color, the smell of warm apple crisp, harvest fairs and festivals, a nip in the air, football, pumpkin spice everything, and falling leaves.  Oh, so many leaves. When it comes to maintaining your commercial property, fall means cleaning up … Continued

Overnight, St. Louis is hit by a doozy of an ice storm, one that would make a yeti shut off his alarm and go back to sleep.  As much as you want to, you can’t stay home from work, so you bundle up and head out.  The plows are out in force, but the roads … Continued

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident.”―unknown   At Bluegrass Landscaping and Maintenance, we hold safety above all else.  Whether the safety of our own employees or yours, we hold ourselves to the highest safety standards in the industry.  When you hire Bluegrass, you can have confidence in knowing that we take every precaution to keep our … Continued

Summer is that wonderful time of the year when Mother Nature relaxes a bit and takes it easy on us.  Before you know it, however, she’ll be back, reminding us that she’s in charge by churning up impressive winter storms for us to contend with.   By the end of summer, you should have your … Continued

In 2002, the Emerald Ash Borer packed its bags and left its native China, hitching a ride in some solid wood packing material bound for Michigan.  It liked it here and decided to make the US its home, consequently expanding its family throughout the country.  While this sounds like a happy slice of life story, … Continued

Summer may be a time of fun and relaxation for us, but for lawns, it’s the most stressful time of the year.    The heat, dry weather, and heavy summer foot traffic all contribute to stress on your lawn causing it to dry out and to form dead patches, and in this unhealthy, weakened state it’s … Continued