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When you hire a landscape contractor for your commercial property, you’re not hiring someone to simply mow your lawn.  Mowing your lawns, applying pest control, seasonal cleanups, these are reactive actions that anyone can do.  At Bluegrass, we take a proactive approach to your landscape through landscape management, not merely landscape maintenance.   With landscape … Continued

Fall is the time when trees shed their leaves and plants slow their growth in preparation for the coming snow.  Most people think that planting trees, shrubs, and plants is the last thing that should be done at this time of impending dormancy, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Fall is the perfect … Continued

So you didn’t like your old commercial landscape contractor.  Maybe they didn’t mow as frequently as they’d agreed to do.  Maybe they left their equipment lying around in an unsafe manner.  Or maybe your property was looking shabby and poorly maintained.  Whatever the reason, you decided it was time for a change. You did your … Continued

Let’s face it.  Today, people have a greater understanding of our impact on the environment.  Humans are ingenious at devising machines and chemicals to make life easier, whether it’s the invention of automobiles or preservatives to make our food last longer, but they can come with a cost such as pollution or depletion of resources. … Continued

A professionally designed landscape will do many things. It represents your company and its ideals.  A well-manicured landscape says that you are neat, professional, organized, that you are environmentally responsible, and you care about the well-being of your customers, tenants, and employees.   However, a landscape that has been strategically designed goes further than that. … Continued

Shakespeare said, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”  Summer brings emerald green grass and flowers bursting with vibrant color as bees and butterflies collect their nectar.   It is a time of utter beauty and is a high compliment indeed.  But all of that beauty doesn’t come without work, and with a little preparation, … Continued

Mulch is a staple for most professional landscapes.  It’s subdued, quietly sitting there in the background, like mild-mannered Clark Kent, as trees and flowers take center stage.  While the plants get all the glory, the real superhero of any landscape is Mulch, ready to protect its world from dangers at every turn. There are two … Continued

Landscaping elements create a beautiful space that can be unmatched if done right. A poorly designed landscape can be an eyesore to passerby’s and can even cost as much as building a well-designed one. When forking over money for your outdoor areas, it pays to get the design right! Below, we’ve listed out some landscaping … Continued

One of the most common debates people have over their lawns is whether to seed or to sod.  Both are great options, however, unless you are willing to look at a big patch of dirt for a few weeks, sodding may be the best option. Though sod installation may come with a higher upfront cost, … Continued