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Low unemployment rates are great news, right?  Not always. In labor-intensive jobs like in the landscaping industry, low unemployment rates mean that it’s tougher to find people to fill positions.  It can force companies to raise their pay, which means raising prices on their services, take on fewer clients or drop current ones, and can … Continued

You don’t have to be Edward Scissorhands to know the importance of pruning your shrubs.  An annual pruning will make them healthy and keep them from becoming overgrown and messy-looking.  Over the years, however, shrubs can begin to look misshapen and unhealthy. The older the shrub gets, the older the branches are, and they can … Continued

First impressions are everything! We often talk about adding curb appeal to your home landscape, but the same can be also applied to your business landscape. The first thing customers see when approaching your property is your front facing land. Thriving plants and shrubs along with a full, lush green lawn brings life to the backdrop of a … Continued

Written by: Jason Maylee “For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches.” This passage was written many years ago in the bestselling book ever written, the Bible. … Continued