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The world we live in wouldn’t be the incredible place it is today without the countless advancements made in robotic engineering in the last 60 years.  Automation has made factories fast and efficient, robotic prosthetics can function as healthy limbs, and surgical robots can perform intricate surgeries that dramatically cut hospital stays, the risk of … Continued

If you’re a business owner, property manager, facilities manager, or a developer, you want a lush, green lawn for your property, and you want it now.  After all, who’s got time to sit around twiddling their thumbs, waiting for seeds to sprout? This is why you’re considering installing sod.  Sure, sod is beautiful.  And it’s … Continued

Don’t wait until the first storm of the season hits to make your snow and ice removal preparations.  What most people see as the first beautiful blanket of snow, insurance companies see as an expensive liability.  With more than 90% of walkway injuries happening in less than an inch of snow, it’s vital that all … Continued

The V formations of bird migrations across the nation are a declaration of the implementation of hydration fixation through irrigation winterization!  (Translation: when the birds fly south, it’s time to get your sprinklers ready for the winter!) Nobody wants to turn on their irrigation system in the spring to begin watering their greening turf only … Continued

Winter will be here quicker than you can say, “Fa lala lala lala la la…la.”  It’s time to get your property ready before Mother Nature lays down that first blanket of snow.   Why clean up in the fall only to have to do it again in the spring? There are many reasons.  First, it’s … Continued

When you hire a commercial landscape company to maintain your landscape, there are many things that you will have to determine up front as you plan your contract with them, such as how often they will mow, how often they will fertilize, apply weed and insect control, how they will take care of your shrubs … Continued

Aeration and seeding are two key components to a beautiful lawn and a necessary part of maintaining a healthy landscape.  If done regularly, ideally in the spring and fall, your turf will grow lush and thick and will be able to withstand any physical and weather-related stresses it may face. Aeration Aeration is essential for … Continued

At Bluegrass Landscaping and Maintenance, we create and maintain landscapes for our customers that are beautifully manicured and professional, and through the changing seasons, we make sure that each property looks its best.  When winter rolls around, plants and turf go dormant, pests go into hibernation, and everything ceases until spring.  But we don’t!  We’re … Continued

There are many reasons why fall is a wonderful time of year.  The trees bursting with color, the smell of warm apple crisp, harvest fairs and festivals, a nip in the air, football, pumpkin spice everything, and falling leaves.  Oh, so many leaves. When it comes to maintaining your commercial property, fall means cleaning up … Continued

Overnight, St. Louis is hit by a doozy of an ice storm, one that would make a yeti shut off his alarm and go back to sleep.  As much as you want to, you can’t stay home from work, so you bundle up and head out.  The plows are out in force, but the roads … Continued