Managing the Landcare of St. Louis Area Commercial Properties

So You Don't Have To!

Landcare Management Plan

Landcare Management Plan Process

Our Landcare Professionals will meet with you on site to better understand the expectations you have for your property.
Landcare Audit
We perform an audit on your property to measure the current condition versus your expectations.
Landcare Management Plan
An action plan and proposal are developed based on information collected in steps 1 and 2.

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Being a Facilities Manager at a forty-seven acre facility can be a daunting task. I have used Bluegrass Lawn for over two years now for all of my lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal needs, the professionals at Bluegrass Lawn have always went the extra step to make sure the grounds look great by being pro-active with decision making regarding the landscaping, weed control, and snow removal, the work is always performed on time and to high standards making the outside upkeep of the facility a…
Bill Swinea

What makes Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management different?

At Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to our market. We don’t prefer to think of ourselves as a lawn company, snow removal company, landscaping company, irrigation company or any other category in the greens industry. We are a Management Company focused on your landcare needs. Our typical customer is responsible for the aesthetic appeal of their property and if it fails, they are responsible! You can almost say it damages your reputation. Our entire goal is to manage your property in a way that it requires less of you by using a detailed plan of action that has integrated the 4 core principles of management. Those principles are Planning, Prioritizing, Assigning, and Follow Up. If your property isn’t running the way you want, there is a break down somewhere within these simple steps by your current provider. Let us take the stress off you by managing your property and improving your reputation with your tenants, peers, and leadership.

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