Why it’s a Big Mistake to Treat Landscaping Like a Commodity

Commoditizing landscaping and hiring a cheap landscape provider can cost you more money in the long-run than hiring a quality landscape provider from the very beginning.

Your end goal is to have a quality landscape. How you get there is up to you. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing landscaping services for your commercial property, there is often an inclination to treat those services like a commodity. After all, on the surface, it may not seem like one company is all that different from the next. You assume that you are comparing apples to apples and therefore you shop based on what appears to be the one key difference—price.

While you may not see the differences between landscape companies you’re comparing, the truth is, there is a reason why one company may cost more than the next. Comparing one company to the next is more of an “apples to oranges” comparison and there is a lot you need to weigh before making that decision. Put simply: It’s quite dangerous to shop on price alone.

How cheap landscape provider could cost you more…..

The biggest risk when shopping on price alone is hiring a cheap landscape provider that cuts corners. Issues that may seem “little” or unimportant can really start to add up, ultimately becoming costly mistakes that have an incredibly negative impact on your landscape as a whole. After all, if you’re part of an HOA, then you already know most municipalities have rules regarding the aesthetics of your property. If you deviate from that, it can be detrimental. And if they get involved, the cost is going to go way up.

Or, if you have a commercial space, you know how important investing in your property can be. It increases retail purchases or boosts tenant satisfaction. But if you get a company that makes mistakes, over time, it could begin to have an impact on your property’s appearance.

There’s no question that landscape maintenance cost is an investment—a good service isn’t cheap. But if you choose a cheap landscape provider you very likely may pay more in the long run by fixing mistakes that never should have been made. A lot of property managers find out the hard way that they should have opted for quality landscape services from the very start.

A Company that Provides Quality Landscape Services

Though it’s true that some landscape companies are quite similar, and you’ll receive similar service no matter who you choose, that’s not true of all companies. Since your business is special, it’s worth investing in a company that will treat it that way.

This means choosing a company that is going to offer you customized service with a plan that is specifically detailed to your property and your needs. Your business is not like every other business out there and you need a landscape company that isn’t like every other to service it.

At Bluegrass, we offer a Landcare Management Plan (or LMP) which is a tool that helps you feel confident that we’ve accounted for every single detail of your landscape that needs to be taken care of. That means you’ll be able to hand over control of your property to us with the utmost assurance that things will get done the way you need them to.

The entire process begins with an LMP Consultation in which we’ll get to know you and your needs. We spend a lot more face time with our clients and potential clients than most landscape contractors. But it’s this key differentiator that allows us to meet your expectations.

We also take time up front to measure the property and develop a precise idea of how much time will be needed on site each week. This helps us ensure all tasks are performed completely with no rush jobs or time that is ever cut short.

The end result is that you get a detailed plan which spells out exactly what we plan to do on your property. All that’s left to do is hand over those services and let us get to work. Because you didn’t commoditize the landscape services or hire a cheap landscape provider for the work, you can feel confident that it’s being done exactly as you wanted with no corners being cut. In the long run, this will save you money by preventing costly mistakes or repairs that need to be made down the road.