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No, Snow and Ice is not a power ballad from a ‘70’s progressive rock band.  They are two of the biggest liabilities property owners face every winter. Even a slight coating of snow could cause someone to slip and fall and get a back, neck, or shoulder injury, fractured bones, joint dislocation, concussion, muscle strain, … Continued

“Hardscaping” is one of those trendy words thrown around these days in landscaping circles but it’s really not new.  Hardscaping is simply any permanent feature on your property that is not a living thing.  This can be something elaborate like a courtyard with a fountain and lots of seating or a basic walkway to your … Continued

Do you have tenants who enjoy eating their meals outdoors? Or maybe they just want to be able to take a few quiet minutes outside to themselves. Having a beautiful and well-maintained commercial space often makes it a space where people want to be. But if the property has no sense of privacy, it might … Continued

Did you know that bad landscaping practices might really be hurting your commercial property? If you have a groundskeeper or even a commercial landscape company maintaining your property and instituting bad practices, then they may be doing some real harm. Unfortunately, we see this all of the time. Seemingly small or insignificant mistakes are made … Continued

Nothing quite detracts from a beautiful commercial landscape than a bunch of weeds popping up. It can give the appearance that you don’t care about your property and that it’s not well-tended to. The frustrating thing about most weeds is that they can spread like wildfire. If not addressed, what may have started as a … Continued

You probably already know that branding is a vital element of your commercial business. Good branding increases the value of your company and makes it easier to acquire new customers. While branding used to be thought of primarily as a name, a sign, or a slogan, today it’s considered so much more than that. Brand … Continued

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Getting grass to grow can be a bit more complicated than most people realize. If you feel like you’re doing everything right and you still don’t have a thick and thriving lawn on your commercial property, then you might need to make some changes. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes … Continued