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A property with slopes can be both frustrating and problematic. Slopes can deter from the functionality of the space and also impact aesthetics. For one, it is difficult to grow plants on slopes, so that can deter you from the overall look you want to achieve with your landscape. But on top of that, slopes … Continued

Getting around your property as easily—and safely—as possible is incredibly important but something that is not often given a lot of thought. However, if your property has steep slopes then ensuring it is easily traversable can be a challenge. This is where the implementation of steps can make a tremendous difference. Even if your property … Continued

Winterscape Evergreen Tree

Nothing can make the winter days feel bleaker than a dull winter landscaping. The gray skies and the lack of color in your landscape can all contribute to a feeling of dreariness when you look out the window. You might feel as though your landscape looks nice for three-quarters of the year and then suddenly … Continued

“Hardscaping” is one of those trendy words thrown around these days in landscaping circles but it’s really not new.  Hardscaping is simply any permanent feature on your property that is not a living thing.  This can be something elaborate like a courtyard with a fountain and lots of seating or a basic walkway to your … Continued

Do you have tenants who enjoy eating their meals outdoors? Or maybe they just want to be able to take a few quiet minutes outside to themselves. Having a beautiful and well-maintained commercial space often makes it a space where people want to be. But if the property has no sense of privacy, it might … Continued

You probably already know that branding is a vital element of your commercial business. Good branding increases the value of your company and makes it easier to acquire new customers. While branding used to be thought of primarily as a name, a sign, or a slogan, today it’s considered so much more than that. Brand … Continued

Many people think that when it comes to landscaping for commercial properties, winter is a drab time of the year.  Fall explodes with colorful vibrancy, slowly fading into a dull winter “blah”. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  With a little planning, your winter landscape can be just as beautiful as the other … Continued

Retaining walls, if done correctly, can be a perfect marriage of form and function.  Their purpose may be to make a hilly area more useful, but if the right materials are used, they can become a natural part of your landscape design and beautify your property. The Functionality Retaining walls fight erosion.  Erosion from wind … Continued

Once you begin taking maintenance bids for your commercial property, one thing will become clear:  nothing costs the same. Why would one company’s landscape maintenance costs be cheaper than another if they’re providing the same services?   The answer is experienced personnel, their expertise and the equipment they use.  Retaining crews with well-trained, dependable people costs … Continued

Look at your commercial landscape.  What do you see? Walkways that lead to where people need to go and lighting to help them get there at night.  Lots of nicely cut grass. Some shrubs here and there. Pretty flowers around the building entryway and the sign by the street.  There’s not really much to designing … Continued