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Once you begin taking maintenance bids for your commercial property, one thing will become clear:  nothing costs the same. Why would one company’s landscape maintenance costs be cheaper than another if they’re providing the same services?   The answer is experienced personnel, their expertise and the equipment they use.  Retaining crews with well-trained, dependable people costs … Continued

Look at your commercial landscape.  What do you see? Walkways that lead to where people need to go and lighting to help them get there at night.  Lots of nicely cut grass. Some shrubs here and there. Pretty flowers around the building entryway and the sign by the street.  There’s not really much to designing … Continued

Whether you’re a new commercial property owner looking for a landscape management provider for the first time or you’re simply unhappy with the services of your current provider, finding the right one takes a bit of work.  Signing a contract with a company on which you have failed to research could get you right back … Continued

Every commercial property owner knows a professionally landscaped property is a more valuable one.  It helps save on heating and cooling costs, reduces noise pollution, and fights erosion.  There’s a high ROI with professional landscaping as a report from the University of Washington found that commercial properties with a well-maintained landscape will bring in 7% … Continued

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new landscape to bring renewed life into your storefront or your commercial business, or you need a company that can handle the maintenance on your large commercial property, you want to be sure that you choose the right company for your needs. There is certainly no shortage of options in … Continued

St. Louis is a vibrant city with a small-town feel.  Businesses continue to grow here and in its suburbs, creating a competitive environment, and for a company to succeed, it must consider every aspect of its image and of its message.  From its website design to its logo to its products or services, everything must … Continued

Water can be calming and serene.  Water can be fun and playful.  Its brutality can destroy a ship and its persistence can carve a canyon out of solid rock.  When it comes to your landscape, water is a necessity for your lush turf, strong trees, and beautiful flowers, but it can also be the cause … Continued

Indoor Planting

As a building owner, you know that a beautiful, well-manicured landscape shows the outside world that you are professional and organized.  You see your landscape as a way to make a great first impression.  Shouldn’t your lobby do the same?  Imagine a client walking into your lobby for the first time to find a towering … Continued

When you hire a landscape contractor for your commercial property, you’re not hiring someone to simply mow your lawn.  Mowing your lawns, applying pest control, seasonal cleanups, these are reactive actions that anyone can do.  At Bluegrass, we take a proactive approach to your landscape through landscape management, not merely landscape maintenance.   With landscape … Continued