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Summer may be a time of fun and relaxation for us, but for lawns, it’s the most stressful time of the year.    The heat, dry weather, and heavy summer foot traffic all contribute to stress on your lawn causing it to dry out and to form dead patches, and in this unhealthy, weakened state it’s … Continued

You’ve noticed that your landscape is looking a little blah.  You see your landscapers out there, maybe cutting the grass or trimming some shrubs, but do you really know that they’re doing? Are they doing what’s expected of them and not cutting corners?  Fortunately, there are several ways to tell if your landscapers are not … Continued

Fall is one of the most favorited seasons by many. The leaves begin to turn their colors, the morning and evening air gets crisper, and the aromas that fill your house of pumpkin and spice gives you all the feels. As picturesque and refreshing as the fall season can be, there are some aspects of … Continued

Lawn weeds can be a growing headache for property managers and are a primary concern when it comes to maintaining lawns. Unfortunately, it’s an annual battle that many facility and property managers endure. Without a doubt, weeds will find a way to creep back into your lawn, whether it’s from the wind, birds, a lawnmower, … Continued

One of the most common debates people have over their lawns is whether to seed or to sod.  Both are great options, however, unless you are willing to look at a big patch of dirt for a few weeks, sodding may be the best option. Though sod installation may come with a higher upfront cost, … Continued

Your property’s landscape beds are the showpieces of your business. But when common weeds like dandelions, ivy, chickweed, or nutsedge start invading your beds and taking over your plants, your investment in the appearance of your property becomes spoiled and unsightly. Bed weeds can make or break your property’s appearance. By taking action to fight … Continued

Pesky weeds put a damper in any planted bed full of trees, flowers, shrubs and plants, which is why it’s better to have a prevention plan in place rather than responding to unsightly weeds in your landscape beds! In an earlier blog post, we talked about how mulch is a good weed control technique that greatly … Continued

First impressions are everything! We often talk about adding curb appeal to your home landscape, but the same can be also applied to your business landscape. The first thing customers see when approaching your property is your front facing land. Thriving plants and shrubs along with a full, lush green lawn brings life to the backdrop of a … Continued

Adding visual interest to your lawn can be as simple as giving it a good haircut, a.k.a. mowing your turf. Often times, however, your lawn can create blurred lines between your garden and trees. A good way to take your lawn out of the “wild” category and make it feel more manicured is to create boundaries … Continued