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Landcare management goes beyond planting bushes, cutting grass, and trimming trees. At Bluegrass, we develop effective strategies to keep your landscape optimally. The ultimate goal is to improve the aesthetics of your property in the most efficient manner. Our team is skillful, and our plans are non-disruptive of your everyday activities. What makes us different? … Continued

There are many potential culprits to declining tree health. Identifying what’s wrong is key. The trees around your property bring a lot of value. They provide shade, a place of respite, and aesthetic appeal. That’s why, when something is wrong with one or more of your trees, you want to know about it. The common … Continued

“I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.” –Joyce Kilmer Trees are undoubtedly beautiful wherever they are, but they are so much more than that.  They are protectors from a storm.  Relief from a relentless summer sun. As a commercial property manager or owner in St. Louis, you know that … Continued

Low unemployment rates are great news, right?  Not always. In labor-intensive jobs like in the landscaping industry, low unemployment rates mean that it’s tougher to find people to fill positions.  It can force companies to raise their pay, which means raising prices on their services, take on fewer clients or drop current ones, and can … Continued

In 2002, the Emerald Ash Borer packed its bags and left its native China, hitching a ride in some solid wood packing material bound for Michigan.  It liked it here and decided to make the US its home, consequently expanding its family throughout the country.  While this sounds like a happy slice of life story, … Continued

Fall is one of the most favorited seasons by many. The leaves begin to turn their colors, the morning and evening air gets crisper, and the aromas that fill your house of pumpkin and spice gives you all the feels. As picturesque and refreshing as the fall season can be, there are some aspects of … Continued

Each year we spend countless hours putting effort into our landscapes to achieve a stunning look for our property. At times, it can even be challenging to keep up with the maintenance that comes along with the blood, sweat and tears we poured into developing it. However, ensuring that your landscape is healthy not only … Continued

First impressions are everything! We often talk about adding curb appeal to your home landscape, but the same can be also applied to your business landscape. The first thing customers see when approaching your property is your front facing land. Thriving plants and shrubs along with a full, lush green lawn brings life to the backdrop of a … Continued

At some point or another properties in urban and suburban areas were likely part of something larger – such as a farm, prairie or perhaps even a forested area. These areas of deep rooted trees thrived off natural nutrients, such as last year’s decomposing leaves and broken tree limbs returning nutrients back into the soil. … Continued