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No, Snow and Ice is not a power ballad from a ‘70’s progressive rock band.  They are two of the biggest liabilities property owners face every winter. Even a slight coating of snow could cause someone to slip and fall and get a back, neck, or shoulder injury, fractured bones, joint dislocation, concussion, muscle strain, … Continued

Once upon a time, there was a squirrel.  While all of the other woodland creatures were enjoying the warm summer months, Squirrel was, well, squirreling away acorns.  Day and night he toiled, scouring the forest for acorns. One day, Grasshopper was strolling along when he saw Squirrel scurrying by with a mouthful of acorns. “What … Continued

When it comes to commercial snow removal, you want to find a company that not only gets the work done in a timely manner—but gets it done well. After all, slip and fall accidents are a huge liability and one that you want to avoid at all costs. But beyond that critical point, without your … Continued

Don’t wait until the first storm of the season hits to make your snow and ice removal preparations.  What most people see as the first beautiful blanket of snow, insurance companies see as an expensive liability.  With more than 90% of walkway injuries happening in less than an inch of snow, it’s vital that all … Continued

At Bluegrass Landscaping and Maintenance, we create and maintain landscapes for our customers that are beautifully manicured and professional, and through the changing seasons, we make sure that each property looks its best.  When winter rolls around, plants and turf go dormant, pests go into hibernation, and everything ceases until spring.  But we don’t!  We’re … Continued

Overnight, St. Louis is hit by a doozy of an ice storm, one that would make a yeti shut off his alarm and go back to sleep.  As much as you want to, you can’t stay home from work, so you bundle up and head out.  The plows are out in force, but the roads … Continued

Summer is that wonderful time of the year when Mother Nature relaxes a bit and takes it easy on us.  Before you know it, however, she’ll be back, reminding us that she’s in charge by churning up impressive winter storms for us to contend with.   By the end of summer, you should have your … Continued

Ahh, summertime.  Your mind is thinking about family cook-outs, swimming at the lake, building sandcastles with the kids, baseball games, fireworks….and snow.   That’s right.  Snow. Winter may actually be far from your mind at the moment, but summer is the perfect time to arrange for snow and ice management of your commercial property for … Continued

It’s the beginning of October and the leaves are just starting to turn their colors. Many of us have Halloween, spice lattes, pumpkins and bon fires on our minds. While the nights are getting cooler, it still might be hard for most to think about what Mother Nature is about to bring us in just … Continued