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Ahh, summertime.  Your mind is thinking about family cook-outs, swimming at the lake, building sandcastles with the kids, baseball games, fireworks….and snow.   That’s right.  Snow. Winter may actually be far from your mind at the moment, but summer is the perfect time to arrange for snow and ice management of your commercial property for … Continued

It’s the beginning of October and the leaves are just starting to turn their colors. Many of us have Halloween, spice lattes, pumpkins and bon fires on our minds. While the nights are getting cooler, it still might be hard for most to think about what Mother Nature is about to bring us in just … Continued

Each winter, facility owners and managers subconsciously fear the worst – slip and fall accidents on their property that can be a costly litigation. So, preventing these situations from occurring has never been more important, as you are the ones responsible for eliminating exposure to hazardous grounds during inclement weather. This means keeping walkways, stairs … Continued

While we are only in August now, it won’t be long until we are deep in the winter months that coats snow and ice on sidewalks and parking lots. This blanket of frozen precipitation causes friction between you and the road, creating hazardous surfaces to walk and drive on. Making sure pedestrians don’t slip and fall … Continued

We all know some of the harsh elements that winter can bring to your property in Missouri as the temperatures start to drop, occasionally wrapping our land in a colorless blanket of white snow, or worse, throwing sheets of slick ice on walkways, drive ways, and parking pads. Not only is the collected snow and … Continued