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  A bioretention is flexible by design with a plethora of opportunities for the designer to get creative. The stormwater best management practices (BMP) can be achieved in several different ways and located in many different greenscape areas on a property. Therefore, there is a process of planning to consider in the bioretention plant selection … Continued

Urban areas are one of the most ideal places for better stormwater management practices. Loaded with impervious surfaces, such as parking lots, median strips, islands and more, commercial landscapes become a highway for deposited pollutants to runoff the lot bombarding surrounding soils with contaminates. These contaminates – such as heavy metals, oils, sediment, and even … Continued

Written by: Shonda Lucks To achieve a sustainable landscaping you may need to change the way you think about traditional landscaping. Many things need to be considered for a sustainable landscaping. The goal is to reduce the use chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides while also reducing the amount of water and energy needed to maintain the landscaping. … Continued

Written by: Shonda Lucks “Sustainability is important to make sure that we have and will continue to have the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment”    EPA Is sustainability important to you? I could stop this blog right there and say no more. You could read that sentence only and really ponder, … Continued

Written by: Shonda Lucks Sustainability can simply be defined as the capacity to endure. We already live far beyond the earth’s capacity to support us as humans. This growing challenge has created a call to action for us as a society, a city, a business and as individuals. We cannot continue to use tomorrow’s resources … Continued

Written by: Shonda Lucks In a previous blog, “What is Bioretention?“,  we briefly discussed Storm-water Management/MSD Bioretention Basins  and other Storm-water BMP’s (Best Management Practices) which applies to both the metropolitan and urban areas. The Process Of Bioretention Bioretention is the process which removes pollutants from the storm water runoff through physical, biological and chemical treatment processes. This not only helps … Continued

Written by: Shonda Lucks Storm-water Management – MSD Bioretention Basins The Problem Governments studies have shown that up to 70% of pollution in aquifers, rivers, lakes and coastal areas is carried there by storm-water runoff coming from rooftops, roads, driveways, sidewalks and mowed lawns. These impervious surfaces have taken the place of soil that readily … Continued