Functions of Landscape Management

When you hire a landscape contractor for your commercial property, you’re not hiring someone to simply mow your lawn.  Mowing your lawns, applying pest control, seasonal cleanups, these are reactive actions that anyone can do.  At Bluegrass, we take a proactive approach to your landscape through landscape management, not merely landscape maintenance.  

With landscape management, we perform all of the routine maintenance procedures to keep your campus functioning but also work to develop your property to be prepared for future needs.  Weather changes can cause insect infestations as well as heavy fungal growth or drought, and with proper management, your property can be ready to meet these challenges.  A proactive approach to landscaping helps protect against these issues and creates an ever-improving landscape which will increase your property value.


Onboarding is all about integration, whether it’s bringing on a new employee for on-the-job training or demonstrating new products or procedures to a new client, onboarding is an important process for getting everyone on the same page.  At Bluegrass, we believe the key to a successful client relationship is communication, and communication is a two-way street.  When we bring in a new client through our onboarding process, your dedicated account manager will get a clear understanding of your needs, and just as importantly, your expectations.  If you have sky-high expectations but a very small budget, it’s unlikely that your expectations will be met.  A commercial property can make your property beautiful, but they need the resources to do so.  

Our onboarding process allows us to build strong partnerships with our clients by thoroughly understanding the client’s wants and needs, and by closely examining the property, we can come up with a strategy to meet them.


A good manager knows that effective management of a property requires detailed knowledge and planning.  While some choose to manage with a “shoot from the hip” kind of style, this tends to result in only keeping up with what needs to currently be done, rather than look for the future and the improved development of the property.  

There are 4 key elements to effective management.

  1. Plan

Whether a hospital, apartment complex, or other business, proper management of your landscape begins with a comprehensive plan.  Once your business has joined us and has gone through our onboarding process, your account manager will be able to devise a plan for your property that meets your expectations, including appropriate maintenance as well as new or seasonal plantings, new designs, or new visions for your landscape.  If you’re coming to us because your property was neglected by your previous landscape company, you may have immediate and obvious tasks that need to be completed first to bring your property up to the standard that you envisioned.  You need problem areas fixed as soon as possible.  

  1. Prioritize

Once we have a plan in place, we can prioritize the work that needs to be done.  Certain areas of maintenance need to be planned for specific times―fertilizing in spring, overseeding in fall, etc.―or other projects scheduled when you would like them completed.  Perhaps you have a strict budget timeline or a slow-down period when the work should be done.  If you do have a previously mismanaged landscape, we can make sure we give priority to those problem areas that require more attention.  We’ll ensure that all maintenance and projects are done in order of importance.

  1. Assign

With everything prioritized, your account manager will assign the right number of appropriately qualified employees to complete all tasks at hand.  You may need the expertise of our horticulturist or the manpower of one of our crews, but whatever the job, we have the right people to get it done efficiently and correctly.

  1. Follow up

Your account manager will follow up on all projects and maintenance to make sure that everything has been completed on time, on budget and that the quality of the work meets our strict standards and yours.  Even the best people make mistakes which is why we’ve put strict quality controls in place for the work we do for you.  These procedures allow us to fix any areas that do not meet your expectations.


Quality Process

The quality of our work says a lot about who we are.   Our quality is our reputation, our brand.  That is why we have a stringent quality control process.  We provide you with a tailored, metric-based plan that ensures you will be completely satisfied with our work.  Your account manager will personally inspect your property regularly to make sure our quality is consistent and exceptional.  It is this attention to detail and our high standards that make Bluegrass one of the most successful landscape contractors in Greater St. Louis.


A good manager will be forward-thinking, detail-oriented, and a good communicator, and we’ve got ‘em.  Your personal account manager will work closely with you and with our employees to create the professionally manicured landscape that you envision for your property.  Call Bluegrass at (314)770-2828 and speak with one of our good managers today!