How Hardscaping Will Improve your Commercial Space

“Hardscaping” is one of those trendy words thrown around these days in landscaping circles but it’s really not new.  Hardscaping is simply any permanent feature on your property that is not a living thing.  This can be something elaborate like a courtyard with a fountain and lots of seating or a basic walkway to your front door.  Your hardscape can serve a basic function like provide outdoor seating for your employees or it can create a grand statement to attract new customers.

Do you want your walkway to have a flowing curve or follow a straight path?  Do you want a gathering place or stone beds for an abundance of plantings? Do you have slopes that you’d like to be more functional?  These are some of the questions your landscape contractor will want to understand when planning your hardscape design in order to come up with a hardscape design strategy that will work for your business.

It’s all about creating a space that reflects your business goals and meets the functional needs of the property.  Your hardscape elements will level and shape the look and design of your property while increasing your property value.  Because it’s made up of permanent features, your hardscape will hold up to harsh weather for many years which, in the long run, makes a good hardscape design and installation a cost-effective investment in your commercial property.  By incorporating your plants and flowers into your hardscape, a property that is unique to your company can be created.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can pack a punch on beauty and function.  They can transform an unusable slope into a functional gathering space or garden beds or walking paths.  They give your property a natural flow. Depending on your choice of materials, retaining wall blocks can add color, texture or give your property a sleek, professional look.  Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current parking lot. Retaining walls can help you expand your usable space to expand your parking area.

Stormwater runoff can be a difficult problem for commercial properties and can cause flooding and best practices compliance problems.  Retaining walls help control or direct stormwater runoff and control soil erosion that can strip your plants of nutrients and cause your landscape to lose its luster.


Adding paved walkways can direct foot traffic where you want it to go as well as make your property compliant with accessibility rules and helps reduce the chance of slips and falls.  Pavers are a great way to add some personality to your commercial landscape.  Paving stones come in various shapes, colors, textures, and materials that allow you to create attractive designs and patterns that will give your property style.  They are durable and require little maintenance and when installed by a professional, your paving stones will be a smooth, safe surface for your customers to walk on for many years to come.

Patios and Courtyards

Having a patio or courtyard promotes camaraderie among employees.  It not only gives them a place to gather and talk, but being outside has been proven to promote an active lifestyle, reduce depression, improve mood, increase focus, and increase productivity.  Happy employees are healthy employees that want to stay with your company.

Patio areas are generally fairly low maintenance.  Wherever you have paved areas, you don’t have to mow, fertilize, or apply pest control and you’ll save on water too.  This also means your landscape company won’t have to spend as much time working on your property.

Seating areas are also welcoming gathering places for potential customers.  Without them, those customers will walk on by. An outside seating area is a great place to conduct a relaxed business meeting or make phone calls or host team-building activities.

Other Features

Your hardscape design can include some unique features like gazebos, pergolas, arbors, statues, sculptures, fountains, ponds, and small bridges.  When it comes to designing your hardscape, your only limitation is your imagination.  And perhaps your budget. However, with a few strategic elements, even a small investment in your business will pay off with increased recognition, more clients, and a professional-looking business that your employees will appreciate.

Whether you have an idea for a grand stone courtyard or you simply want to update your entrance and signage, Bluegrass does it all.  We always use quality materials and our experts can create a beautiful and functional hardscape that will truly showcase your business.  Call Bluegrass at (314)770-2828 and speak with our friendly staff about getting started today.