How We Use Landscape Business Software to Delight Our Clients

The relationships that we build with our clients are vital to us and to the way that we do business. It is constantly our goal to be different—and better—than our competitors in order to provide you with the best possible service. There are many ways that we do that.

One such way is the company culture at Bluegrass Landscaping & Maintenance. It is just part of who we are as a company that we treat our clients right. That’s something we keep in mind as we grow our company and hire new people. It’s also something that is continually reminded to employees—so much so, that it has become ingrained as part of our core values.

In addition to our core values as a company, we also implement certain tools that we believe help set us apart from the pack. One such tool is landscape business software. Though it’s not something you’d see or know about when looking at our company from the outside, we can tell you that the inner workings of our company run more smoothly and efficiently.

Why should you care that we invest in tools like this? Well, there are definitely direct benefits to the client from our use of landscape business software. It’s not something that every company out there invests in, and it’s not exactly a small investment, either. But the value that we receive from it and in turn, the value we’re able to provide the client, absolutely makes it worth it for us.

Here are just some of the ways that landscape business software helps us do a better job keeping our clients, like you, happy.


We Can Focus on Relationships

With landscape business software “auto-piloting” some of the menial day-to-day business tasks that other companies get caught up in, we’re left able to really spend time focusing on our clients. A lot of companies get bogged down by the daily grind of operating a landscape business.

The time involved with those tasks pulls them away from spending time on the client. But we wanted to find a way that we could spend more time focusing on the people that we serve, and putting some of those daily business tasks into “autopilot mode.” With the help of landscape business software, we are able to do just that.

We Can Meet Client Expectations

Thanks to implementing software, we know exactly where things stand on any job at any given moment and that makes us better. We can accurately track all of our metrics to be constantly measuring how we’re doing on all of our jobs. We always want to make sure that we’re meeting our clients’ expectations and the ability to track jobs more closely allows us to do that.

Most landscape companies use whiteboards or spreadsheets to track where jobs stand but this is far from efficient or timely. With the rate at which information changes on a job, it can be very difficult to keep up when using these outdated methods. But with our ability to track data in real time, we are up-to-date at all times. If we find that we’re missing the mark somewhere, such as falling behind on our timetable for getting the job done, we can take steps to change that as quickly as possible to keep everything on track. Other companies may not realize they’re falling behind until it’s too late to make corrections.

We Can Ensure We Stay on Budget

A lot of companies lose sight of where their financial stand until there’s a problem, such as going over budget. But with landscape business software we are able to perform daily reports on our efficiencies and make sure we are remaining on track. Most companies do those on a quarterly basis.

By constantly looking at our financials, we can ensure that we are always staying within the outlines of the budget that we have sort forth at the start of the project and therefore help keep pricing down as much as possible.

We Can Communicate at a Higher Level

Tracking our jobs better and having a better grip on all of this information also allows us to communicate better with our clients. Some landscaping companies don’t keep their clients informed—and that may be because they don’t even know exactly where things stand themselves.

But we are able to keep our clients better informed every step of the way. We are also able to better answer your questions. We know exactly where a job stands and, as a result, can answer any questions you may have regarding it. Similarly, we can communicate more accurate information at the time of the estimate in terms of how long it will be until work can begin.

We do a Better Job Managing Large Properties

Some of our landscape maintenance clients are very large accounts. When handling a 200-acre campus, it can be difficult for some companies to track what’s going on. They don’t have a good way to keep track of crews and ensure that jobs are getting done the way they should.

But that’s not the case for us. With landscape business software, we’ve got an excellent grip on all of our jobs—no matter the size or scope. We know exactly what our crews are doing at all times and are able to constantly look at what’s been completed versus what was proposed to ensure we’re on target.

Landscape Business Software Allows Us to Better Serve You

So now you know one of our little secrets—landscape business software is one of the tools that we use in order to be more successful. We know that a lot of these things happen behind-the-scenes. On your end, all you’ll see is that we’re communicating better, meeting expectations better, and getting jobs done more efficiently than our competitors. But it’s because we invest in tools to make us better that our clients reap the benefit. As a business, we will always look for ways that we can be better in order to better serve you.

If you’d like more information about Bluegrass Landscaping & Maintenance, contact us or give us a call at 314-770-2828.