365 Agreement

In our 33 years of providing Landcare and Snow Removal services to the Greater St. Louis Area, we have noticed most issues and unhappy relationships happen within the first year.  This is typically from a lack of understanding of expectations and a poor onboarding process. YOU DESERVE BETTER! At Bluegrass, our purpose is to create a long-term relationship with you and your company as your go-to guy for all your Landcare and Snow Removal needs.

Plan for Success!

To improve the experience of switching to Bluegrass, we have created the 365 Transition Plan which keeps the salesperson in the saddle with you during the first year, slowly turning you over to Account Management once our team fully understands your expectations. This plan will help us understand your needs and sets our team up to better meet them the first time. This plan helps set you and your property up for success, gaining the respect of your tenants, peers, and leadership!

Prior to Start of Job

  • Discuss how you want to be billed.
  • Discuss new Job start-up plan.
  • Complete Initial Quality Assessment with pictures.
  • Discuss and Map all irrigation components
  • Discuss Bioretention and collet your MSD approved Life Time Maintenance Plan.

First 30 Days

  • The salesperson will be on site weekly reviewing the performance of Bluegrass crews.
  • Meeting with Salesperson & Account Manager.
    • Introductions
    • Discuss Scope of work & expectations
    • Review non-contract items, possible enhancements or work orders needed.
    • Obtain keys, passcodes, plans as needed.
    • Review emergency procedures.
    • Site Walkthrough. Discuss irrigation backflow and clock locations and access.
  • Site Inspection after initial startup services has been completed. Completed by the salesperson.
  • Review any safety concerns on the property.
  • Identify day of service.
  • Complete Initial Irrigation Inspection and detail a complete list of any issues or updates that are needed.
  • Start-up discussed with the client to ensure we are meeting expectations.

First 90 Days

  • Ensure that new job start-up plan is completed. (45 Days)
  • Post new job start-up pictures are taken. (45 Days)
  • After first 30 days, the salesperson will be on site bi-weekly reviewing the performance of Bluegrass crews.
  • Contact from Account Manager with updates what to expect over the rest of the season. Post start-up plan completion.
  • Review property and expectations with the client.

After 90 Days

  • Follow up lunch with Sales Person and Account Manager to discuss performance and plan for rest of year.
  • Handoff to Account Manager.
  • Sales Person will continue site inspections throughout the rest of the year.
  • The salesperson will remain available to the client as a transition to Account Management happens. The salesperson will help support Account Manager during handoffs.