New Development


You’ve invested a lot of time and resources into the brand-new sites you’ve developed. Now you want to be sure that your properties are purchased or leased so that you can begin to recoup that investment. Once you’ve completed a property, you don’t want to have to worry about spending a lot of time to get it into top shape. You’ve already moved on to your next site and have a lot more tasks to handle.

Because of that, you know it’s important to choose a company who is going to keep your newly developed site in the best possible condition. That’s critical since a poorly maintained landscape is a surefire way to deter interest from potential buyers or renters. After all, when it comes to that first impression, curb appeal is everything.

It’s not enough to just hire a company who is going to go into “autopilot mode,” and perform the basics that are typically done. When a property is new, it should have a more tailored approach than that. You want to hire a company that manages your property, looking at its specific needs and making sure they’re taken care of.

In other words, you need a customized approach.

At Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management, we know that a new property has different needs from an established one. We can provide a first, second, and third-year scope and proposal that is going to evolve with your property’s needs. For example, a new property most likely will not need its shrubs trimmed in the first year. That’s one of those “autopilot services” that your typical landscape company is going to jump into doing. However, your new property will need extra irrigation inspections to change clock timing for new sod/seeded areas, ensuring that it’s not dry—or too wet.

It’s also important to recognize that every new property in St. Louis will be required to have some sort of stormwater management systems like bioretention or pervious pavement installed. It is imperative that these elements are cared for properly from the start, as they are very expensive to replace. Though the need for stormwater management has grown, these are still relatively niche services that many landscape companies do not understand. Fortunately, they are areas that Bluegrass has extensive experience in.

With Bluegrass, you can be sure that you’ll get a customized approach for your new development. We use a Landcare Management Plan (“LMP”) to walk through exactly what our clients need to be done on their property. This highly detailed plan will ensure that everyone is on the same page—and nothing is missed. In addition, as we mentioned, the LMP can be created over the scope of several years, adapting the plan to your needs, as they change. With that plan in place, you can go back to focusing on adding new development and leave the management of your property to us, knowing you’re in good hands.