Who We Service

In your line of work, safety is everything. You are accustomed to dealing with OSHA and you take your employees’ health and safety extremely seriously. Of course, you take that same stance regarding your property. That means you expect it to be well-managed and for any snow or ice event to be swiftly and thoroughly addressed. You have absolutely no tolerance for snow or ice that is left behind to become a slip-and-fall hazard on your site. Similarly, you expect that all ramps, loading docks, and service areas are thoroughly cleared so that you can continue operations. You can’t let snow shut you down. Therefore, you want to work with a company that will treat you as a priority.

In the past, you’ve dealt with landscape service providers who just didn’t get it. They were not highly responsive and didn’t seem to possess a sense of urgency when it came to your site. You’re looking for a company that is extremely communicative, will respond to urgent matters, and understands the importance that the site is managed properly the first time.  You don’t have a lot of big requests—you just want to be sure that what you do need done is done right.

At Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management, we are prepared to accept and honor that kind of responsibility. We understand that well-performed service work is a matter of safety for your company and we take that seriously. In order to ensure that each of your needs is met the way you expect it to be, we work with something called our Landcare Management Plan (or LMP, for short). This is a highly detailed process that allows us to develop a specific plan for your property. Since we go through everything step-by-step, you can rest assured that nothing is missed.

Once we have this plan in place, you’ll feel confident that we’ll be able to fulfill our end of the agreement and meet all of your expectations each and every time. It will eliminate the headaches, but even more importantly, it will take away the worry. You’ll get peace of mind—and that’s invaluable.