St. Louis Commercial Maintenance

Your landscape creates the first impression your business projects to the outside world. We understand that your commercial property is an investment. This is why commercial landscape maintenance is so important. Well-maintained properties continue to present great curb appeal and increase their value. A business that projects a great exterior also projects a reputation of excellence, so what your property says about you is important. Your grounds should be as professional and clean-cut as your business.

Our well-respected, professional staff provides complete landscape maintenance services to properties throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our full-service, one-stop-shop maintenance services include mowing, pruning/trimming, tree and shrub care, fertilization and weed control, mulch, flowerbed upkeep, seasonal color, aeration and overseeding, irrigation repair, spring and fall cleanup and snow and ice removal management.

Here’s an example of what a typical maintenance schedule looks like. We can custom-create plans to fit your property and your budget.


Perennial pruning
We cut back overgrowth and prepare plants for fresh spring growth.
Spring cleanup
We sweep winter debris from your grounds, preparing the landscape for the growing season.
Landscape bed and tree bed edging
To properly kick off spring, we edge flower and tree beds to freshen the look of your landscape.
Tree fertilization
We have a full tree and shrub care program consisting of six applications throughout the growing season. We begin this month with our first tree fertilization treatment. Learn more about our detailed tree and shrub care program here.


Preemergent fertilization
Our first lawn care application of the season includes a slow-release fertilization treatment mixed with a preemergent herbicide to keep weeds at bay. We continue lawn care regularly through the summer and fall months. Learn more about our extensive lawn care program here.
Bed preemergent
We apply a preemergent herbicide in early spring to help prevent heavy weed germination.
Mulch application
Winter tends to make everything grey. In spring, a fresh mulch application instantly dresses up your property.
Aeration and seeding
Spring aeration is sometimes necessary on your property to loosen compacted soil and promote healthy root growth.


This month, we begin our season-long mowing services. We use state-of-the-art equipment with freshly sharpened blades and include trimming and blowing for a neat final appearance.
Bed weed control
We perform hand weeding or use postemergent herbicides on your property weekly or biweekly for season-long weed control in your beds so they remain pristine.
Prune ornamental grasses and deadhead perennials
We confirm ornamental grasses receive any pruning they need for proper growth, as well as deadhead perennials to ensure continued blooms.


Shrub insect control
When we’re at your property, we inspect your shrubs for potential insect infestations. If we find problems, we take care of them right away with insect control treatments.
Shrub trimming
We trim new growth from shrubs in summer and in the fall just before winter to ensure a neat appearance and encourage healthy growth.


Core aeration and seeding
Fall is prime time for aerating the lawn to break up the soil and overseeding to take care of any bare spots.


First fall cleanup
We start our fall cleanup services by removing leaves, sticks and debris from the lawn and landscape areas.


Second fall cleanup
Since autumn leaves continue to fall, we ensure adequate cleanup by performing this service at least twice during the season.

bluegrass-snow-removalThroughout the winter season

Complete snow and ice removal
If you want your property to remain free of snow and ice through winter, we offer a complete snow and ice removal services package. We can design a program specific to your landscape and your needs.

Enhancement services

We can install a wide variety of annuals and bulbs to enhance the landscape with color in spring, summer and fall. We can work with you to create your ideal color program.

Keeping Your Property Neat And Trim
Our dedicated employees and commitment to high quality work help us stand out. If you are in need of a trusted landscape company to work with you and alleviate your landscape headaches, look no further. We serve commercial properties throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area with an extensive list of landscape maintenance services. Give us a call at 314-770-2828 or use our simple contact form to discuss your landscape maintenance needs.