Commercial Lawn Care

Sure, no one likes to find weeds on their landscapes. Weeds are thorns in your side, becoming frustrating, ongoing struggles to eliminate because they are proficient spreaders if they aren’t caught early enough. They blemish your otherwise perfect landscape picture.

What fights weeds? A lush, emerald carpet of healthy turf! A well-fertilized lawn is better at preventing weed infestation, as well as drought and disease. In turn, healthy lawns help the environment by producing oxygen, cooling the air during our hot St. Louis summers and trapping and absorbing urban dust and pollution.

Local Company, International Support

We are a locally owned and operated lawn care company that has the backing of WeedMan—international lawn care experts.

As part of your lawn care program, we use Weed Man’s exclusive, 65% slow-release fertilizer, which gives us a longer greening period, less surge growth, and reduces thatch buildup.

We provide a full annual program for cool-season grasses that consists of seven applications. The program includes just the right amount of fertilizer, preemergent weed control, broadleaf weed control and iron to keep your lawn healthy and thriving.

Treatments typically include the following:


Early to late spring:
65% slow-release granular fertilizer with a preemergent herbicide
Late spring to early summer:
Liquid preemergent herbicide and broadleaf weed control
Early to late summer:
65% slow-release granular fertilizer and spot weed control
Mid to late summer:
Liquid broadleaf weed control
Late summer to early fall:
65% slow-release granular fertilizer and spot weed control
Late fall to early winter:
65% slow-release granular fertilizer and spot weed control
Early winter:
Lime treatment. Our trained technicians can measure your soil pH and restore proper balance through the careful addition of lime to raise soil pH.

Lawn Care Beyond the Basics

Sometimes your lawns need a little extra TLC. When insects like white grubs set up shop in your soils and feed on turf roots, the lush lawn you love can quickly decline. As an additional service, we provide insect control to take care of any pests negatively affecting your lawn. Our trained professionals first identify the problem pest and then customize a targeted program consisting of an application that is used only when and where it’s needed.

Don’t Forget About Your Landscape Flower Beds

We can also provide preemergent herbicide treatments to prevent heavy weed germination in your flower beds, as well as post-emergent weed control and/or hand weeding during the season after weeds have already germinated.

We’ve Got All Your Lawn Care Needs Covered!
We can help you maintain lawns you’re proud of. Give us a call at 314-770-2828 or use our simple contact form to discuss your lawn care needs.