St. Louis Commercial Water Management

Commercial properties can range from large, elaborate designs to small and simple layouts. No matter the size of your property, it’s possible your landscaping is in the top three categories of your facility’s water use to maintain the health and quality of the landscape.

Commercial outdoor water use can account for between 5 and 30% of a facility’s total water use. For example, office buildings can account for 22% of their water use to go towards their landscape, hospitals 7%, hotels 16% and educational facilities 28% – their second largest category of overall facility water use.

A well-designed landscape should be supported by a strong water management program to maintain a healthy landscape, especially during water constricted conditions. Some of the ways we tackle significant water cost savings in commercial facilities is through efficient irrigation and sprinkler systems, using appropriate plant selections, and incorporating proper landscaping maintenance.


Efficient Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Automated irrigation systems are designed to maximize water efficiency in absence of natural precipitation. We analyze, evaluate and implement mechanisms and practices to increase your landscape’s irrigation, saving your facility more than half of its outdoor water use.water management - irrigation

Because your irrigation system is specifically designed for your site, we ensure all components are strategically and properly placed to distribute optimum applications of water at the right times in the right coverage areas. We also provide you with regular maintenance. We analyze mechanisms such as your head nozzles, moisture sensors, controllers and more to reduce leaks and unnecessary watering. Our program also provides proper start-ups and shut downs to safeguard it, adding to its longevity.


Appropriate Plant Palette

It is possible to design a landscape that does not require any supplemental irrigation. Knowing which plants grow best in a given location is essential. When designing or adding to your landscape, our horticulturists embrace a plant palette that consists of drought-tolerant, native, or regionally appropriate species to provide another strategy for a water efficient landscape – reducing water requirements, as well as the time and cost associated with maintaining your property. To take your natives one step further, we group similar plant life together according to their watering needs, known as hydrozoning, to enhance water efficiency even more. Being water conscious doesn’t mean you have to compromise beauty.


Proper Maintenance

A significant amount of water is lost from evaporation due to improper landscape maintenance. Incorporating proper maintenance in your landscape Water Management - Mulchis another way you can conserve water. Our mulching services help keep your soil cool to minimize the amount of moisture lost through evaporation and in turn reducing your water usage. We offer weed control services for your landscape and gardens to keep water available to support growth for the plants you pay for that make your landscape aesthetically pleasing.

Water management starts with an understanding of your landscape design, current systems and your water usage history. Our team at Bluegrass uses the latest technologies available. We help you design a more effective and efficient water management system that will provide you with the proper usage. Give us a call at 314-770-2828 or use our simple contact form to discuss your water management needs.