Who We Serve

Single Source Commercial Property Landcare Management Company

At Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management we believe that there is nothing more important than who we serve. After all, we are in the service industry and our primary goal is to fulfill the needs of the clients that we partner with. Your satisfaction is paramount to our success.

In order to do that, we take an unconventional approach compared to what you may be used to in the landscape service industry. Rather than give you more of the same old service you may have received in the past, we want to be more than that. While it’s true that we are a service provider, we think of ourselves more as a “management company.” That means that no matter what market you’re coming from, you can feel comfortable handing your services over to us and allowing us to take the reins. By doing more than just providing services—but by actually managing your property—it eliminates the headaches for you.

You’ll find that we serve a variety of commercial landscape markets.

These include:


New Development



Senior Living


 Over the years, we’ve worked closely within each of these marketplaces and have developed an excellent understanding of the types of needs that you may have. While we know these markets well, we also understand that every single property is unique. That’s why we’ll work closely with you to determine exactly what it is that you need from us. We use a specialized process to develop our Landcare Management Plan (or LMP) for your property. This will help us to take full control of the maintenance of your property so that you can feel confident everything is being handled exactly as you wanted without you needing to regularly get involved.

Whichever market you may require our services for, we’re prepared to work with your wants and needs. You can read more about each of the markets we serve and how we aim to do just that.