Rough Winters Require Proactive Planning

Mother Nature can be tricky. Some years, she brings us a winter so mild, we forget what heavy snow accumulation and severe sheets of ice look and feel like. Other years, she delivers the worst weather imaginable.

DeicingAnd when St. Louis winters get cold and ice builds up, safety becomes a huge concern on your property. The biggest anxieties are slip-and-fall accidents by employees and visitors on commercial sites. In fact, 15% of all accidental deaths are related to slip-and-fall incidents—second only to motor vehicle accidents, according to Grounds Maintenance magazine. Each year, more than 1 million people seek hospital treatments for slip-and-fall accidents.

Many of these slip-and-fall accidents can be avoided through simple proactive measures, especially in the wintertime. Maintaining ice properly and proactively on your property is our specialty, keeping perilous icy winter conditions under control to protect you and reduce your liability. We take care of ice control on your property promptly, efficiently and seamlessly. Whatever the weather, you can conduct your business as usual.

With more than 150-plus years of combined experience, our professional snow and ice management team uses a high-performance ice melt product that diminishes slippery ice with fewer applications, reducing your ice management costs, as well as providing a more sustainable solution that can handle even the toughest icy conditions.

Melting Your Ice, Melting Your Worries

We are ready for the toughest deicing jobs on your St. Louis commercial property this winter. Give us a call at 314-770-2828 or use our simple contact form to discuss your snow and ice management needs.