Senior Living

Who We Serve

Your expectations are high when it comes to the appearance of your property. After all, your residents’ expectations are high—and you want to meet them. Not to mention the fact that if there are any complaints, those come directly to you. Your residents live on-site and may not leave regularly (though they often have visitors) so the aesthetics of the property is invaluable to them. They want to look at something well-kept and beautiful outside of their window and they want to sit outside to enjoy meticulously maintained grounds. If they feel anything about that experience is subpar, there is no hesitation on their part to express their dissatisfaction.

Whether you oversee the maintenance of a senior living community, a long-term care residence, or another similar facility, the goals are the same—premium service that leads to excellent results. There’s no room for anything less.

Of course, not all landscape companies are committed to providing such high-caliber service. They have a certain way of performing their work and that’s what every client gets.

But that’s not how Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management operates. We believe in highly personalized service that is designed to meet your specific needs. We even utilize a custom Landcare Management Plan (LMP) that helps us to walk through exactly what you need from us—step by step. That means, if you have special circumstances such as gates that can never be left open or doors that cannot be unlocked, we’ll have a plan in place to ensure those mistakes are never made. We understand that it can be a matter of safety for the population that you serve, and we’re committed to helping in those efforts.

And best of all? Once you hand over the landcare responsibilities to us, you can step back to focus on your facility’s many other needs. That’s because you feel confident knowing we’ve got it under control by doing exactly what needs to get done.