Who We Service

When it comes to the property maintenance of the bank or financial institution that you oversee, you have a variety of expectations. But first and foremost, with more than one location to worry about, you want a company that has the capacity to handle all of them. Consistency from branch to branch is important to you and that means working with a single vendor who can provide dependable service with crisp, clean results every time.

While you know you need a landscape company that is big enough to handle your needs, you don’t want to just be a number in a sea of other customers. Your needs are too specific, and you require a company that can provide you with personalized service and understands your concerns, such as those relating to safety and security. One of your greatest fears is that something on the property will be left unsecured or that a hazard might be created for bank employees while landscapers are on-site. You’re not willing to take any risks by choosing a company that’s not going to deliver what you need. In the end, you know that you will only have to start the search process all over again—and that’s time you don’t have to waste.

Serving 210+ banks throughout the Midwest.

Fortunately, Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management operates differently than a lot of the large landscape maintenance firms that we compete with. Despite our size, and our capacity to handle large-scale projects (including multiple sites), we take a very personalized approach to landcare. In fact, our Landcare Management Plan (LMP) takes our clients through a process in which we develop an extremely customized plan to fully handle all of their needs. That allows us to completely take over the management of your property –and with it, any of the headaches you’ve dealt with in the past. And while you won’t feel like you need to babysit what’s going on, that’s not to say that we won’t keep you in the loop. We believe in regular communication and you can be sure that if you have a question, you’ll get an answer—and fast.

We know that you don’t like to take risks and with Bluegrass, there’s no gamble. It will be apparent from the very start that we’re wholly invested in meeting your needs.