Commercial Irrigation & Lawn Sprinkler Services

several sprinklers keeping lawn green

Irrigation & Sprinkler Services Save You Water & Money

Efficiently using water on your landscape should be one of your top priorities. Not only does the practice help you achieve sustainability while maintaining a thriving greenscape, but it also saves you money.

Smart commercial sprinkler systems help you operate at peak efficiency at all times—eliminating leaks, reducing energy use and decreasing system maintenance costs.

There are no projects too large, complicated or detailed that our irrigation experts can’t handle. From consultation to design to installation and maintenance to audits and renovation, keeping your irrigation system running smoothly and seamlessly is our job.

Your Property Is Unique

Your St. Louis commercial property is distinctive. It may have very flat, level pockets of land or it may have lots of rolling hills and valleys. Your landscape may even include groves of trees or huge sweeping expanses of turf.

Detail of a working lawn sprinkler head watering the grass
Detail of a working lawn sprinkler head watering the grass

For that reason, your irrigation system must be customized to your specific site. We strategically and properly place your irrigation zones and sprinkler heads, as well as other key system elements, such as drip irrigation components or rain and moisture sensors, to ensure the right amounts of water are delivered to the different areas of your property that have varied water needs. This helps avoid overwatering and ensures different types of plants—turf vs. trees, for instance—receive the exact amount of water they require specifically where they need it.

Proper Irrigation Maintenance Starts And Ends The Seasons Right

Regular maintenance ensures an irrigation system is running properly. We provide proper system start-ups in the spring and shut-downs in the winter to safeguard your system. This way, we correctly transition your system into each season, limiting damage and adding to its overall life.

Regular Irrigation System Maintenance Is Vital

In addition to easing your irrigation system through seasonal transitions, regular checks throughout the prime growing months ensure any potential problems are taken care of before they waste significant water or cause any harm to the other parts of your system.

For instance, system leaks can cause water to pool in areas and not reach its target. Pressure problems in the system can also cause uneven watering. Too much water in certain areas can contribute to disease development in plants or root rot, which leads to the need for possible plant replacements in addition to system repairs. This is why repairing even one broken sprinkler head can ensure valuable water is targeted toward the plants that need it vs. the sidewalk or other areas that don’t, adding up to significant savings.

Annual or biannual irrigation audits also give our professionals a chance to inspect your system and ensure you aren’t spending any extra money on water that you don’t need to spend.

Save Water, Save The Environment
We can help you by providing affordable, sustainable irrigation solutions. Give us a call at 314-770-2828 or use our simple contact form to discuss your water management needs.