What We Do

You might look at Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management and understand that we perform landscape and snow services. We do, although our approach is a little different. We don’t consider ourselves a lawn care company, a landscape company, a snow removal company….. We consider ourselves a management company.

Too often we hear from clients in our industry that are frustrated because they have to be heavily involved with their maintenance companies. They have been put on an “Auto Pilot” program with a generalized scope of services, and they tend to walk by that dead shrub or tree for weeks in a row. You always have to point it out to them, but why? Commonly, this is because there are not quality inspections and an actual MANAGEMENT PROCESS in place. You’re responsible for so many functions in your facility, you shouldn’t have to manage your landcare services too. Of course, when something isn’t right, you are the person that your tenants, peers, and leadership look to with disappointment.

At Bluegrass, your property is our property which we take seriously. We have installed a MANAGEMENT PROCESS call our Landcare Management Plan. This is important to the experience as we start by taking a comprehensive look at your expectations and then work it into a plan that will meet your budget. When there is a dead tree, we let you know along with a cost to replace. Our goal is to find issues before they become big issues. This is done with Quality and Site Inspections.

Our 365 Agreement is a plan that handles the transition from the salesperson to the account manager. Instead of signing the papers and then handing you off to an account manager who you have yet to speak with, we have a specific process in place to perform this task slowly, over a year. This helps the account manager understand your expectations and ensures that you get what the salesperson promised.

At the end of the day, you have to find a balance between budget and service. We feel that we have a pretty great handle to meet that budget. We are not typically the cheapest guy in town, but we sure do offer a lot of value with our service. We value long-lasting relationships and look forward to creating one with you!