3 Weed Control Practices For Your Landscape Beds

Your property’s landscape beds are the showpieces of your business. But when common weeds like dandelions, ivy, chickweed, or nutsedge start invading your beds and taking over your plants, your investment in the appearance of your property becomes spoiled and unsightly.

Bed weeds can make or break your property’s appearance. By taking action to fight against weeds in your landscape beds, you can prevent your beds from becoming an eyesore to visiting patrons!

Best Weed Control Strategies:

  1. Spot treat. Hand pulling weeds can be tedious and time-consuming. However, if minimal weeds are present, hand pulling anything over a couple inches might be the best route to take. Spot treating doesn’t just mean getting your hands and knees dirty. Spot treating with a non-selective chemical, such as Roundup, is another effective way, and commonly used method, to rid your bed of those unsightly weeds. When applying a non-selective herbicide, you must be very careful. This method will kill anything you get it on, including grass and plants.weed-control
  1. Smother weeds with mulch. Covering your soil with a sun-blocking agent will help prevent the weeds in your beds from getting proper light needed to stimulate growth. Having the right depth of mulch is critical when trying to control weeds in your beds. Too much mulch can prevent oxygen from penetrating the soil, causing your plants to suffocate and drown. Keeping your mulch at a two-inch depth is ideal
  1. Use pre-emergent herbicides. If they become too big of a problem to spot treat, using a pre-emergent herbicide may be the next best control method for your weeds. post-emergent-herbicidesBecause weed seeds can take a long time before they emerge, spraying a pre-emergent herbicide will create a barrier below the surface of the soil. When the roots of weeds start to germinate, they will come into contact with that barrier, inhibiting further growth. For weeds that have already emerged, a pre-emergent herbicide will not effectively control them because their growing point has escaped contact with the herbicide for it to be effective. For weeds that are already visible, a post-emergent herbicide is the best line of defense.


Weed control management can be labor intensive and unfortunately, there isn’t a 100% guaranteed way to eliminate weed growth. Weed seeds are carried by wind and birds, depositing them to inconvenient areas of your property. Having a weed control management program set in place in necessary to ensure your landscape beds stay healthy and weed free. At Bluegrass, our team of professionals is licensed technicians who can provide you with timely treatments to protect your property.

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