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Water has a way of convincing plants and soil to make daring escapes from their home in your landscape, especially when they are set up on a slope. Plant roots and mulch can help keep the soil contained, but unstable land sometimes needs to be contained be the installation of a retaining wall. The good … Continued

Overseeding seems like something that would not be ideal, but it is a wonderful strategy for ensuring the grass around your business is as lush and green as possible. While grass usually loves to take root naturally, there is a large chance that weeds may grow, or irregular patches may appear as lawns that are … Continued

Planting a tree is a long-term commitment and investment. If you choose wisely your trees with provide a lifetime of beauty to your yard. It is important that you do not choose a one-tree-fits-all mentality because every yard has distinctive variables. A few things you need to keep in mind when picking out your trees … Continued

The great outdoors isn’t just called great for no reason- there are plenty of reasons why nature is something to be cherished and experienced as often as possible. People have lived in more natural settings for thousands of years, and only recently have we been offered the opportunity to live in the climate-controlled, insulated living … Continued

For many gardeners, using native plants is an excellent go-to and when it comes to your commercial landscape, the benefits are ten-fold. While you want beautiful plants and scenery that create an inviting environment for your clients, customers, and employees, you’re also wanting to keep costs and maintenance down. Using native plants in your commercial … Continued

Fall is here! At least, it will be by the end of the month. While this is a busy time for many industries as we commemorate Back to School, start preparing for upcoming holidays, sales, end-of-year quotas, etc. No matter what business you’re in, Fall is a transitional period — and a time for brick … Continued

The reputation of a hospital is highly dependent on a good staff, state of the art equipment and access to the right medications. But did you know the facility’s surrounding landscaping is very important as well? Hospital landscaping is not just about making the grounds look nice; it can also help patients heal. The right … Continued

Being a St. Louis business owner, you know how crazy the winters can be. With the accumulation of snow, working conditions can become hazardous and at times even impossible. The ice and snow can also create damage to structures, freezing pipes and do harm to your business property’s exterior. St. Louis deicing professionals can help … Continued

In the war against weeds, crabgrass is a frustrating foe. It’s one of those weeds that can be challenging to get rid of as it seems to just keep coming back. Maybe you’ve even dealt with it in previous seasons and you’re frustrated that you can’t seem to get it under control. If you’re trying … Continued