5 Benefits of Using Native Plants For A Sustainable Landscape

As a part of the green industry as a landscape services provider, we love techniques that help minimize any negative impact our landscapes have on the environment. If you’ve been following our blog, you know we’ve talked a lot about sustainable landscapes, how they work, why they’re important, and also how you can maintain them. In this blog, we dive more into the benefits of matching plant species to the St. Louis area, such as ferns, grasses, sedges, perennial and annual wildflowers, and woody trees like shrubs, in your garden.

The benefits of native plants include:

Less effort and resources, meaning lower maintenance.

Native plants and trees take less care and energy and ultimately will be healthier than planting exotic plants. Though some weeding may benative-plants necessary when starting your native garden, once they become established they will require less time needed for things like mowing, planting and chemical sprays. They also require fewer pesticide and fertilizer treatments, translating into less time, energy and money being spent on maintenance.

Connect with nature.

Native flora works in harmony with nature by fully integrating into their surroundings and establishing relationships with other local plants Native Plants - wildlife

and animals they evolve with, creating a true web of life. They provide a system that supports the ecosystem’s food chain such as native birds, insects, and pollinators that are then able to use the fruits, nectars and habitat these plants provide. It’s a natural system of checks and balances.

Tolerate our climate.

Since native plants have evolved here, they have adapted and are tolerant to the extreme changes our climate goes through. They are equipped to handle subzero temperatures, summer heat, drought, and poor soil.Sustainable Landscape

Absorb chemicals.

Many native plants have extensive root systems that create natural channels to help keep the soil loose and improve infiltration by slowing water runoff. As particulate matter accumulates around the plants from winter snow, debris, and chemical treatments throughout the year the plants will act as a buffer and absorb the debris that would otherwise enter the runoff and into our stormwater systems.

When it comes to deciding which flora to plant in your native garden, you want to choose plants that are appropriate for your site. The end result should be a functional garden that manages your rainwater, fits your desired level of maintenance, and still looks good on your property. This is the perfect time of year to get your native garden started as our crew members are out there getting their hands dirty planting, weeding and harvesting your property! Contact us today by giving us a call at 314-770-2828 or using our simple contact form to discuss your lawn care needs!