5 Snow Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Owning a commercial property can be overwhelming altogether. There are a lot of responsibilities owners must deal with, snow removal being one of them. The Midwest weather can bring on many challenges when it comes to snow removal, such as dealing with some areas that get multiple feet of snow. 

When you do not put snow removal as one of your top priorities during the winter, you could put your employees, clients, or tenants in jeopardy of becoming injured. To ensure your commercial property is safe this winter, be sure to avoid these five common snow removal mistakes. 

Assigning Your Employees to Remove the Snow

Sure, asking your employees to help with snow removal might save you money, but what you are really asking is for them to take time away from the business. As a result, productivity slows down which could then slow down any potential sales. 

Not only are you taking away their time from being productive, but you are also putting them in harm’s way. If an employee gets injured while shoveling snow, a major lawsuit could be a result. 

Another effect of asking employees to shovel snow is the possibility of them catching a cold or illness due to the cold temperatures. This could prevent them from coming into work, slowing productivity once again. 

Putting the Focus on Business Instead of People’s Comfort

Every business owner cares about sales, especially during the holiday shopping season. The holiday season brings upon fun ways to keep customers engaged. However, you don’t want to ignore creating a positive experience for your customers when they visit your commercial property. This begins when their car pulls into your parking lot and stops as soon as they leave. 

Removing snow and ice from your property is just the start of providing that positive customer experience. The inside of your building needs to be inviting by keeping it warm and comfortable. These minute details and the added effort you put into for taking care of your property will have a major impact on your customers. 

Overlooking Side Doors and Warehouse Entries

It is not hard to let snow pile up on sidewalks and entryways and then quickly remove it for your customers. However, it is easier to forget about other areas that are out of sight, such as side doors. Side doors and warehouse entries need to be accessible from a logistics standpoint. If these areas are not cleared of snow and ice, an accident could occur leading to a hefty hospital bill as well as a negative reputation for your business. 

Lack of Proper Equipment

When you understand how to properly care for your commercial property then you know having the right tools is the way to get the job done safely. Business expenses can pile up easily and quickly; therefore, it might make more sense to you to buy cheap equipment that will make your life more stressful. Using cheap tools could also cause injuries including back issues, sore muscles, or heart problems. 

The smart way to ensure snow is removed from your property efficiently is to use high-quality equipment that is meant for commercial properties. This type of equipment might be more expensive, but it is more reliable and is an investment that you will not regret. 

Nonexistent Plan for Unexpected Snowfall

Midwest weather can be unexpected and change in an instant. As a business owner living in the Midwest, you know that all too well. It is never a good feeling when you check the weather last minute and realize a snowstorm is coming. You will become stressed and overwhelmed, rushing to keep your business in operation. 

Be sure to stay up to date on the possibility of snowfall and plan accordingly. Trying to find a snow removal service at the last minute could send the impression that you are inexperienced. 


If you don’t already have a commercial snow removal service lined up for this winter, contact Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management today. One of our professionals would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (314) 770-2828!