5 Steps Residents Should Take Before Receiving HOA Maintenance Services

As a property manager, you want to see that all your HOA residents are satisfied with their landscape results. While there’s no doubt that they appreciate not having to do the work themselves—after all, it’s one of the great appeals to living in an HOA—that doesn’t mean they should be 100 percent hands-off when it comes to their property.

There are still some ways that they should have a hand in the overall outcome of their property maintenance. In order to set your HOA residents up for the most possible success with the professional HOA maintenance services they receive, you might consider sharing these helpful tips with them.

1. Clear the Yard

It’s so easy to mistakenly leave items in the yard. Pet toys, children’s toys, even gardening equipment, can all accidentally be left out after use. While a thorough and detail-oriented landscape company may spot these items and move them for you, sometimes they are hidden well enough that they’re not spotted until it’s too late—they’ve been run over by a mower or accidentally treated with the professional product. Making sure that your yard is clear prior to receiving professional services is a simple but important step that HOA residents should perform.

2. Make Special Arrangements in Advance

Sometimes residents have special requests such as a certain area of their property that they don’t want treated because the pet uses it or plant beds that they prefer to maintain themselves because they enjoy gardening. These types of special requests should be discussed and approved ahead of a professional visit. It’s never helpful for homeowners to make special requests the day that crews arrive. Crews have likely already been told to follow a very specific set of directions.

3. Make Sure Cars are Pulled In

If you’re receiving snow removal from your commercial provider, then it will be helpful that residents are reminded to have their cars pulled into their garages prior to a snow event. This will allow the snow removal company to come in and clear driveways and streets without any cars in the way. The last thing that residents want is for their HOA maintenance snow services to be held up and their driveway to remain unplowed. By making sure cars are out of the way, services can be performed promptly and thoroughly.

4. Mark Invisible Fences

If any of your residents have an invisible pet fence, then it’s important that these are marked out so that any landscape services being performed do not cause damage. Invisible fences can be very costly, and your residents will want to protect their investment by making sure their commercial provider is fully aware of their location.

5. Be Aware of Visits

Finally, the last recommendation falls on you—or possibly on the HOA board. It’s important that HOA residents are made aware of when commercial landscape providers will be visiting so that they can make sure some of these easy preparations are made in advance. They might also want to make sure the kids and pets are already inside when the commercial equipment is arriving. After all, your commercial landscape company cares about your safety above all else. By working together, both safety and success can be possible.

Choose Bluegrass to be your HOA Provider

At Bluegrass, we have worked with many HOAs and know what it takes to be successful. It really is a matter of a great working partnership. We view the HOAs that we service as partners and have found that good communication is a key to success.

Of course, communication goes both ways. You can count on us to communicate any changes or concerns promptly. But it also helps when we know residents are well-communicated with—particularly about some of the simple steps we’ve mentioned above.

By all working together, you can feel confident that your HOA residents will be thrilled with the results.