Autumn Landscaping Tips

Autumn is upon us, and there are quite a few things that you should be doing when it comes to landscaping. Fall is probably the best time for maintenance, installation, and decision making. If you’re looking to maintain your landscaping as the temperature drops, checkout these landscaping tips for autumn!

Add to What You’ve Got

Fall is the best time to add plants, shrubs, and trees. Autumn is the ideal time to plant something new because it provides the best environment for plant establishment. Temperatures are slightly cooler, and moisture increases. This helps plants, shrubs, and trees with root development. It also reduces the initial shock of transplantation. This is because plants start to enter their dormant state in the cooler temperatures. It also means that plants will have the most amount of time to grow before hot, drier weather can affect them. Autumn is the best time to get new additions planted.

Replace Your Turf

Lawn maintenance is a great thing to accomplish during the autumn months. Specifically, it lets you tend to the turf that’s seen the most damage from the summer. Dry heat destroys grass, and quickly. In addition to replacing turf, though, there are plenty of other lawn maintenance duties that can be tended to.

Lawn systems are the most active during the autumn. If your lawn is healthy, taking care of it during fall is the best way to preserve it through winter. It’s the best time to give them their nutrients, as it will help them establish healthy roots. To keep this growth from going to waste, though, leaves will need to be removed from the lawn. This keeps the air flowing into the roots, and keeps your turf happy and healthy.

Take Care of Drainage and Irrigation

As fall comes into play, the moisture increases vastly. This plays a serious part on drainage. Making sure that lawns and gardens are properly drained means keeping plants alive. Too much water can kill even the hardiest of plants, and it must be taken very seriously.

Alongside drainage comes irrigation. When the temperature drops at the end of fall and into winter, irrigation systems are at risk of freezing and cracking. Fall is the best time to winterize your irrigation systems. Making sure that all water is removed from your pipes prior to the first freeze of winter can save you the heartache of a damaged irrigation system.

Feed Your Trees, Shrubs and Lawn – NOT Your Plants

As plants begin to enter their dormant state, too many nutrients will force them to expend energy on growth. This can cause them to die as temperatures drop. They should be focused on preserving energy, not spending it. Trees, lawns, and shrubs will take all of the fertilizer you can give them, though! This helps them outlast the winter.


There’s a lot to get done during the fall when it comes to landscaping. If you’re looking to have all of your landscaping needs taken care of, be sure to give us a call at Bluegrass Landscape! We’d be happy to help you maintain your landscaping throughout the fall, and help you manage your snow in the winter. We’re here to help!