Beat the Heat- Green Spaces for your Business

You know it’s the height of Summer when air-conditioned spaces begin looking like oases. The heat of the season means there are many wonderful warm evenings and tranquil and habitable mornings, but the midday heat can often be unbearable, and getting outdoors becomes a less than enjoyable experience when direct sunlight is too hot to handle. However, there is so much value in being able to venture outdoors, and that’s where green spaces come in to save the day!

The Friendly Great Outdoors

Landscaping does not only look pretty, but it can also be functional! The great thing about having larger plants and trees in your landscape is that they provide wonderful shade that beats the heat! Shade from trees can cause the air temperature to be up to 15 degrees cooler than in direct sunlight– trees are nature’s version of air conditioning! Something the past two years has taught us is that nature is necessary to staying healthy and happy, and making a natural space an accessible part of your business can improve the lives of everyone that interacts with your business. 


Making the outdoors friendly and accessible to your visitors and employees will not only provide an escape from the indoors, but also more space to hold meetings, host social events, and take breaks! Utilizing your outdoor space and giving it a key role in your business can help make your clients and employees feel more welcome and at home. 

Maximize Your Green Space

To get the most utility out of your green space, you should discuss your goals with your landscaping provider, and considering elements such as seating, retaining walls, and shade will be important in accomplishing your desired landscape. Your landscape does not have to be incredibly large or overly fancy to accentuate your business and provide a green space for your clients, instead, utilizing the space and making the most of it will make your business shine!

Your green space can be maximized in the realm of sustainability in addition to aesthetics, using native plants and installing bioretention zones will make your landscape lovely, and beyond appearances, your landscape will be a lovely addition to the local environment which is something to be proud of!

Green Spaces for Residential Complexes

Whether you are seeking landscaping for an apartment complex, an assisted living facility, or college dorm, residential complexes are the businesses that need green spaces the most. Having a green space for your residents is important because it will increase their satisfaction with their living area, and it will attract new residents because the value of accessible green spaces in living areas is increasing. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a lovely green space for your business provides many benefits. Not only will a green space make your business stand out, but it can also provide a functional space in nature for meetings, gatherings, or short nature breaks especially during the summer months! If you need a green space with plenty of shade for your business or would like to discover how to utilize it more fully, contact Bluegrass Landscape for a consultation!