Bioretention Maintenance and Inspections – What You Need To Know

BioretentionIn previous posts, we’ve talked about what a bioretention ishow they work and why they’re important. But just like everything else in life, they need to be maintained in order to be able to serve their purpose and function properly.

Every bioretention site that has been approved by Metropolitan Sewer District will have a Maintenance and Operation Plan and a permit number. This will list the Maintenance and Operation monthly check list that will need to be completed throughout the year and submitted to MSD and the property owner to keep a copy on site.

The general inspections of the facilities to see make sure the site is working properly and draining as expected per the maintenance operation plan. You should have a plan of the property to look over while you do the inspection. Know the plant identification and their characteristics so you can identify what should stay and what should be weeded out.

Things to report would be very slow or no draining of the facility. The inspector will walk the area and look for erosion, structural damage, adequate plant coverage, weeds, sediment building up and trash. Pictures must be taken at the time of inspection and submitted to MSD and the land owner by the date listed on the Maintenance and Operation Plan. If the inspector finds any items that will need to be addressed they will need to write in the report what they found, what actions will take place and when they will take place.Bioretention Maintenance

The sites should have a full clean up in late winter to make sure the area is clean and ready for spring rains. Most of the perennials in your bioretention should be cut back and removed. This is a great time to get a good look at the soil and if any sediment or debris need to be cleaned out of the drainage area for spring.

The sites that Bluegrass maintains will be checked and weeded while our crews maintain the lawn and landscaping on the property. This is the BMP and services that helps to assist the property owners in the commitment to keep these areas working correctly.

Let Us Manage Your Bioretention Areas

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