Bring Nature to the Seniors in Your Care

The great outdoors isn’t just called great for no reason- there are plenty of reasons why nature is something to be cherished and experienced as often as possible. People have lived in more natural settings for thousands of years, and only recently have we been offered the opportunity to live in the climate-controlled, insulated living spaces of the modern world.

Not that anything is wrong with heating and air conditioning; in fact, it’s quite nice to escape the sweltering sun or freezing cold, but people are far too separated from nature in the modern era, especially those who are unable to go outside without assistance. Senior citizens can greatly benefit from getting out of doors. One of the best ways to get senior citizens outside more is by installing a beautiful and navigable landscape to your Senior Care center.

The Benefits of a Natural Setting

Nature is shown to have a calming effect on people of all age groups, and there’s no doubt as to the reasons why. The serenity offered by nature is unparalleled by any other setting, and the peaceful atmosphere can improve levels of happiness and overall satisfaction in seniors. One of the greatest things about nature is the fresh air- people are built to experience the joys of nature, and even in old age, nature can provide many benefits to people!

The problem with nature is that it usually is difficult to navigate for the elderly with uneven terrain and shifty soil, there is a large risk of falls by going out in nature, so many elderly people choose to stay indoors. Landscaping, particularly hardscaping, can solve this issue by adding solid pathways that are accessible to people of all abilities letting the elderly experience nature for longer!

Beauty in the Branches

Greenery and hardscapes can be used to make an aesthetic space for the residents of your senior care center, and this landscape should be planned to ensure that there is ample greenery and ornamentation throughout the year to ensure the residents of the senior care center can look forward to seeing the beauty of your landscape throughout the year!

Cultivating an accessible outdoor area will allow your seniors to reap the benefits of going outdoors without ever having to leave the facility and risk falls or injury. Landscapes can be tailored to their needs and allow a perfect space for lounging, celebration, or a little bit of daily exercise.

An object in motion stays in motion- this is especially true for people as they age. Encourage your residents to get outside more and watch the birds or just go for a walk on your beautiful grounds, and they will be far happier and healthier than ever before!

Final Thoughts

Nature is an oasis for people of all ages, and it is especially important for the elderly to remain calm and happy as this encourages them to remain healthier mentally and physically! The residents of your senior care center are bound to greatly enjoy the beauty of the natural world, and you will certainly enjoy all the smiles an accessible outdoor landscape will bring to the faces of your residents!

If you need help in planning, installing, or improving an outdoor landscape at your senior care facility, please contact Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management today!