Cleaning Up Your Lawn’s Act- For the Fall Season

Fall is well underway and that means leaves, sticks, and other debris are everywhere! While a lovely sight when still on their home trees, these little bits of nature start to make your landscape look a little less tamed when they decide to fall right in the middle of it. Even though this is a natural part of living in a temperate environment, fall debris can be frustrating as it makes it harder for you and your guests to admire the beauty of your carefully crafted landscape. Staying on top of the game and making sure your landscape is free of debris not only increases its aesthetic value but helps in preparing for the Spring season to get ahead of the cleanup curve in advance.

Leaves, Sticks, and Debris. Oh My!

Deciduous trees thrive in temperate environments, and while some of the loveliest trees in the world are deciduous, they can be a pain in the autumn. You probably see it happening as the weather starts to cool, trees begin changing color then start dropping leaves and seeds (like acorns and other nuts) left and right, and as the winter winds start whipping, twigs begin falling as well. The signs of Fall are very obvious, making it a beautiful season; however, the aftermath isn’t very pretty, making your landscape’s appeal suffer.

Season’s Greetings

Leaves and twigs blowing in the wind is just Fall’s way of saying goodbye as Winter begins to enter the picture- easing into the cold months is always bittersweet as it means that the Summer fun will be gone for a while but many major holidays are just around the corner! The colder months bring us together, and that likely means people will be coming over to your house more. The holiday season brings the promise of family time, decorations, good food, and lots and lots of pre-season cleaning to ensure that your relatives can’t judge you for untidy things like that random purple sock beneath the couch. Cleaning up the landscape is something often overlooked when there are many purple sock situations, but it is equally important to making your home look ready for the holidays.

Fall Cleanup Service

Fall cleanup ties all your hard work together. Having a tidy outdoor space when everything is falling indicates that you care about your landscape and making your property presentable. Cleaning up for the fall season is something that makes your residential or commercial property stand out from the crowd. Many people attempt to complete the task of fall cleaning by themselves, but this can be a very heavy job especially because you are already busy balancing work, home, and holiday life. However, there is a solution: Fall cleanup services from your local landscape care provider.

Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Removal has a great fall cleanup service for both commercial and residential properties that will help keep your landscape in tip top shape even when the leaves and twigs are falling all around. If you need a responsible service with many years of experience and dedicated service people, contact Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Removal today!