Commercial benefits of having a well-groomed, beautiful landscape

Everyone appreciates living surrounded by a beautiful setting. Having a beautifully-kept lawn or yard is pleasant for every homeowner. But what about businesses? And other non-residential buildings? Keeping an attractive, custom-designed outdoor space is the trend. The benefits associated with it are numerous. Here are just a few:

  • Physical allure. This is not a subjective matter; many studies and research show that customers are more likely to be attracted to a building that has a well-kept outdoor area. All the same, current customers prefer to stick to businesses that take care of their land. Neglecting a lawn, for example, gives the impression of being unprofessional or lazy. People respond to beautiful environments; this does not only apply to customers. Employee’s productivity increases when they work around areas that combine nature and nicely design space and elements. Working among plants has proven to reduce employee’s anxiety and overall provides higher satisfaction. In fact, when employees are asked about their ideal workplace, outer appearances and building aesthetics are always named. Designs that feature soothing colors, natural light, and touches of nature enhance the positive physiological effect a company desires to create.
  • Increase in market value. Perception matters. When a business invests in commercial landscaping services, the value of the space increases, studies also show that when a building takes care of its outside space, nearby companies tend to do it as well. This makes the whole area even more profitable.
  • Eco-friendly practices. Keeping your landscape in optimal shape shows how your organization cares for the environment. “Go Green” is the motto adopted by many companies around the country. Nonetheless, only when you hire landscaping professional services, you can genuinely exercise this practice. Experts will be able to advise about native plants and the best methods to keep them thriving. It is not only about planting a few flowers; it is about building a small, functional ecosystem.
  • It improves safety and reduces crime. In general, professionally maintained spaces are crime-free. Well-placed plants, adequate lighting, and other factors contribute to making the area secure. It gives employees a sense of safety; when workers feel comfortable, productivity increases drastically. On the contrary, poorly-lit areas, neglected plants –or no plants at all – and wasteland are elements that could potentially attract vandalism or other types of crime.

Landscaping provides a broader, more beautiful, context to our everydayness. If you are interested in obtaining all the benefits mentioned above, you should call the experts in the St. Louis Area: Bluegrass -Landscape and Snow Management. Their landscaping services include:

  • Complete landscape design and installation
  • Flower bed design and installation
  • Turf installation and overseeding
  • Seasonal color enhancements
  • Irrigation installation and renovation, including drainage and stormwater management
  • Hardscape design and installation
  • General construction and lot clearing

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