Community Financial Institution Landscaping for Better Engagement

If you are not a plant whisperer or have a career in landscaping, you may not realize that plants have a way of communicating. When it comes to landscaping around their branch, community financial institutions may not have talking plants on their minds. However, landscaping can do a lot more than just make landscaping eye catching. In fact, some community financial institutions have used it to engage with their community and to send a message. 

Landscaping is often seen as an afterthought compared to the physical structure. Usually, a few shrubs and plants are added to bring a touch of curb appeal at a modest cost and low maintenance. However, landscaping can provide more for a community financial institution, as well as be an important part of how it presents itself to its customers. 

  • Connect Deeply

One way to connect with the community and your customers is to create something that will benefit others. For example, a community financial institution could partner with a conservationist to design a pollinator garden that attracts bees and butterflies. This landscape design could turn into a teaching opportunity by creating a program with local schools. As a result, this partnership with the school could contribute to the bank’s positive community image. Since the institution will have already spent money on landscaping, it would only take a modest increase to enhance important community engagement goals. 

  • Convey a Message

Landscaping is a great way for a community financial institution to communicate its close relationship to its community. They can do this through careful selection of the types of plants they include in their landscaping. Putting a lot of thought into what plants to include can show an institution’s deep community roots and convey its strong values. 

The Payoff of Effective Landscaping

Good branch landscaping takes a small amount of extra effort. Begin by following the basic principles of effective commercial real estate branch design. Using landscaping will help draw attention to the entrance, help direct customers to the ATM, and to communicate a message about the institution, including its strength or commitment to sustainability. Whether you are redesigning or maintaining your landscaping, keep in mind that it communicates a message to your community so make it count. 

Keeping your institution’s lawn maintained is essential. However, a green lawn is not always going to cut it these days. Your institution needs to appear welcoming but authoritative. Your institution provides everything that is purposeful and modern, and so should your landscaping. Your customers expect your institution to be organized, responsible, and sustainable. The outside of your institution normally shows the kind of experience your customers will have. Maintaining a well-kept property generally indicates that the institution runs smoothly, and the property managers take pride in the exterior quality of where they are located. This gives the customers a comfortable and clean place to conduct business. 

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