Documentation to MSD for Bio Retention Maintenance

Bio retention maintenance

To ensure your bio retention areas are being maintained properly, annual reports for bio retention and bio detention areas are required to be submitted to MSD (Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District) for all commercial and residential homeowner association maintained facilities. These are to be done throughout the year to make sure they are working correctly. After a heavy rain is also a good time to document the areas on how long the areas hold the first flush of storm water and how successfully they drain the water.

Throughout the season, items to look for are dead and struggling plants that may need to be replaced, sediment build up that will need to be removed, erosion, and weeds that need to be removed. Bio retention areas can be vulnerable to construction sediment that coats permeable soil and limits infiltration.

MSD requires the Life Time Maintenance Report to be filled out and pictures taken to submitted throughout the year. Knowing what to look for is very important in the success of these areas. Knowing what is a weed and what is a native flower is very important as well.

Bluegrass can take care of this annual report for you and will send the report to MSD and send one to you as well to have on site for your records as required. As concerns arise throughout the season Bluegrass will have their maintenance crews take care of any repair that need to be made.

These documents helps us to track these areas and gain wisdom in how these areas are working and providing a cleaner water ways in our city.

Let Us Manage Your Bio Retention Areas

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