Don’t Go into Hibernation: The Importance of Winter-Friendly Landscapes

Sleeping cozily through the entire winter is unfortunately frowned upon in most working societies; however, you likely won’t even want to fall asleep as you watch your landscape transition into its lovely winter look! Winter is coming, but it isn’t too late to think about what your landscape should look like. Trying to create a landscape in the warmer months that adapts to all seasons will surely pay off with an elegant and vibrant winter scape that emphasizes how much you value your property!

Bear Down on Winter

With every falling leaf, winter draws closer. This seems ominous, but winter is truly a lovely season in the temperate zone. The promise of the holiday season, family time, and pumpkin spice lattes are all reasons to love the winter, but sometimes this is dulled by the prospect of long dreary days where going outside is hard to do without getting chilled. However, the great outdoors doesn’t have to look so bleak, and you can still appreciate them by drinking a nice cup of cocoa and observing them from your warm home or business.

Freezable Fashion

In temperate climates, the native plants are used to the cold, and they have adapted ways to stay alive when the weather gets frosty. Many plants are deciduous and die only to come back in the Spring, but some stay green throughout the winter sometimes even bearing fruit. It is important to note that many native plants are great additives to your landscape as they pose no risk of becoming invasive species in the nearby environment and they are perfectly suited to your landscape and require less maintenance overall. Adding evergreen trees and shrubs to your landscape will make it possible for there to be greenery all year. Many deciduous trees and shrubs also remain lovely during the winter as their graceful branches reach to the sky contrasting with the vibrant greenery.

Another thing to note is that a landscape is not just made up of the plants within it. Many of the most beautiful landscapes combine living elements with natural stones or pavers in order to create a lovely balance akin to a riverside or mountain scene with rugged stone and the delicacy of life. In the winter, these stone installations take on a new life as they become elegant statues when covered in snow and show a lovely dark contrast with the whitened world around them. Stonework adds dimension to your landscape especially in the wintertime. Additionally, stonework and all elements of your winter landscape are a great canvas for adding lights to ramp up the winter cheer.

Stay Frosty

Having something green growing all year round alongside your lovely stonework is something that will elevate your landscape and make it pop even when everything else is dull and gray in the depths of winter. Creating a landscape that remains beautiful throughout the changing seasons is sometimes challenging, but it is very possible with a knowledgeable team of experts such as those at Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management.