Edible Landscaping Plants For Your Community


In terms of utility, one of the best things a community can do for itself is to landscape with edible plants. The term edible can mean a number of things, ranging from a plant that fruits seasonally all the way to plants that are edible from root to leaves. When looking to change the landscaping in your community, give some of the following plants some thought, and get your community involved with the food that nature provides!


When you’re looking to place new shrubs throughout the community, consider planting blueberry bushes! Blueberry bushes are a beautiful plant, with foliage that ranges from deep green to nearly silver in some cases. What’s more is that every year, you’ll have a seasonal bounty of delicious fruits to share with your community! Events can be centered around the plants and their fruit, and it’s fun for everyone!

Fruit Trees

Rather than lining the streets with ornamental trees, why not choose some appropriately sized fruit trees? Depending on where you’re located, and what you’re looking to fill out, there are several options that are perfect for the Midwest. Fig trees, persimmons, and plums are all wonderful options for small fruit trees that can produce at a reasonable size. As a bonus, lining the streets with crepe myrtles in between fruit trees can actively draw pollinators to the area, allowing for frequent fruiting!

Leafy Greens

Believe it or not, many leafy greens are gorgeous in both color and shape, and provide a beautiful splash of color to any landscaping area. Some excellent choices are kale, rainbow Swiss chard, and freckled lettuces. These plants can be harvested prior to going to seed, and can be enjoyed in salads throughout the community. Then, when the season is over and the plants have been harvested, colder weather varieties can be introduced!

Edible Flowers

During the spring and summer months, flowers are a must, but did you know that many varieties of flower are entirely edible, from the root to the blossom itself? Some gorgeous options that add a pop of color to any flower bed or salad are nasturtium, violas, and calendula. Many of these are commonly available as seeds or seedlings at nurseries, and are a great way to welcome the warmer months, as well as have a tasty snack!


If you’re looking to add some small border plants to your beds, look no further than some of your favorite kitchen herbs. Plants like rosemary, thyme, and sage all add interesting foliage to landscapes, and provide a variety of wonderful smells. Once the plants have established, leaves can be pruned and added to dishes that call for a little bit of seasoning!

Edible Plants Are a Form of Self-Sustainability

One of the biggest hobbies picked up during the pandemic was gardening. Many people took to their backyards and tried to grow some of their own food. When considering new landscaping options for your community, consider some of the spaces that you have, and think about whether or not edible plants could be added. There’s a good chance you can use them to bring you and your neighbors a little closer together this year. If you’re looking to make the change to a more self-sustainable form of landscaping, all Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Removal at (314) 770.2828 to for a consultation, and to discuss the best options for your community.