Everything You Need to Know About Shrubs

Shrubs are arguably the unsung heroes of a professionally-landscaped commercial property.  They’re as attractive as any tree and they can be used as screens or to direct foot traffic, all while working tirelessly to clean the air.  Let’s hear it for shrubs!


Shrubs come in many shapes and sizes and many can be trimmed and shaped however we want (see Hever Castle’s fun Tudor Garden chess set, for example).  They can be used to hide unsightly utilities like air conditioning units, electrical boxes, and drainage systems.  Shrubs can define the property area or just a gathering area or line a walkway to keep people from walking on the grass.  

Shrubs grow their roots deep to help fight wind and rain erosion and like trees, they remove tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and release oxygen for us to breathe.  That’s not the only way that shrubs help the environment.  Shrubs planted near a building provide shade and lower cooling costs and their shade can cut down on watering.  Shrubs are also great for muffling noise pollution when placed along the street or around noisy air conditioning units.  


When you think of a shrub, you may think of a boring old boxwood but shrubs come in many flowering varieties that can add lovely color to your property.  The forsythia’s bright yellow flowers announce spring every year while a burning bush will glow vibrant red in the fall.  By planting a variety of flowering shrubs on your commercial property, you can ensure you’ll have colorful blooms throughout the seasons.  

Shrub Care

Generally speaking, shrubs are fairly low maintenance but they do require some care.  They should be watered regularly, but sprinkler heads should be placed in such a way that they are not overwatering or spraying directly on the plant or bark because it can lead to rot.  A thick application of mulch around them not only looks great but it will also help keep in moisture while keeping out weeds.

Just like your lawn, shrubs should be fertilized and their soil aerated to prevent compaction and to allow better absorption of water and nutrients to the roots where they’re needed.  

Shrubs should be pruned during the dormant season of fall or early spring.  Pruning is necessary to keep your shrubs looking neat and not overgrown and to keep them in the shape you want them.  Pruning also removes dead branches and keeps the shrub healthy.

Incorporating shrubs into your commercial landscape gives it beauty, versatility, and form.  They can tie the look of your property all together giving it the professional look you strive for in your business.  If you’d like to add more of these heroes to your commercial landscape, call Bluegrass today.  Bluegrass Lawncare and Maintenance offers landscape design services as well as Tree and Shrub maintenance services that provide complete care for all of your shrubs and your entire landscape.  Call us today at (314)770-2828.  We’d love to discuss your tree and shrub care needs.