Get Your Employees Back In The Office By Offering More Landscaped Outdoor Areas

Now that restrictions are lifting office buildings and commercial parks all over the country are reopening. The businesses that lease commercial space are looking for ways to bring their employees back safely and offer extra incentives to their employees to work from the office instead of home. You can help your tenants or entice your own employees back to the office by elevating your outdoor spaces. Many people say that they would feel more comfortable going back to the office if they had ample outdoor space where they could stay socially distant from coworkers. With the help of a professional landscape design team you can create outdoor spaces like:

Eating Areas

Giving employees attractive and safe outdoor dining spaces is a great way to get people to want to work out of the office again. A professional commercial landscape designer can use the space that you have to create outdoor dining spaces that are designed to accommodate one or two people in order to maintain social distance. Attractive furniture, flower displays, and the right trees and hedges will turn your outside spaces into beautiful dining areas where your employees can enjoy meals and snacks safely and enjoy the great summer weather too.

Working Areas

Outdoor working areas aren’t as difficult to create as you might think. Wifi hotspots enable employees on tablets or laptops to work on your company campus while enjoying fresh air and sun. Tables can double as workspaces and comfy outdoor chairs will make working outside a pleasant perk of coming back to the office.

Exercise Areas

Skip the company gym and let us help you create an outdoor exercise area for your employees so that they don’t have to mask up to exercise. Our commercial landscape design experts can create anything you can envision. From a simple flat grassy area that’s suitable for boot camps or yoga classes to a full outdoor obstacle course or mini-track we can help you transform your existing outdoor space into the ultimate workout area that your employees will love.

Doggie Daycare

Another way you can get employees interested in working at the office again is to allow them to bring their pets with them. One of the few benefits of the shutdown was that people got to work at home and be with their pets all day. Now those people are hesitant to leave their pets alone during the day again and they worry that their pets will have separation anxiety and poor health when their humans aren’t around. You can help them overcome that fear by having a custom designed doggie day care or dog park built on your commercial property. With grassy areas for the dogs to run, a dog wash station, and other design elements your employees will love bringing their dogs to work.

Our commercial landscape crew has the skills and experience to design, build, and maintain a range of landscape upgrades and innovations that will make your properties more attractive to workers and to businesses.