Give Your Commercial Property Landscaping A Summer Glow Up


During the summer your landscaping can either make your business stand out, or fade into the background. If you want people to have a great first impression of your business professional landscaping is the best choice. Expert designers with years of experience can transform your outdoor space into a lush space that will promote an image of growth, abundance, and professional polish. A few of the elements that professional landscape designers use to create a custom landscaping plan include:


Choosing plants that are appropriate for the local climate, will grow well in the space that you have available, and will provide the right mix of color and ground cover takes experience and training. A professional landscape designer will work with the space that you have and other factors to create an elegant looking summer landscape design that will make your business look attractive and inviting. If you have a particular theme that you would like incorporated to support your brand such as planting flowers in certain colors or only using native species of plants and flowers our design pros can work with you to bring your vision to life.


Some business owners don’t like trees added to their landscaping because trees do require some maintenance to keep them healthy. However, the many benefits of having trees as part of your commercial landscaping far outweigh the costs of maintaining them. Trees provide necessary shade to protect plants and people from the summer heat. Trees also absorb water runoff and heavy rains. They create and help maintain a healthy ecosystem. If your business is located in a tropical climate trees help provide a buffer from the brutal summer sun. Having at least a few trees on your commercial property is a great way to maintain or increase the value of the property.

Decorative Elements

The finishing touches in a landscape design are what elevate the design and make your commercial property look polished and professional. A landscape designer can incorporate finishing touches like just the right color of decorative rock to fill out the design, or high-quality colored mulch that will help protect the plants. Elements like decorate benches and seating, lights, walkways, and water features can take a commercial landscape design from blah to brilliant and help boost your company’s public image.


After you’ve had a professional commercial landscape design team create and install your company’s landscaping you will need to have professional maintenance done. In the summer when plants are growing fast and trees are blooming getting professional maintenance done on a weekly basis will keep your company landscaping looking great. It’s small details like the right decorative touches and regular maintenance that will keep your landscaping looking great and impressing everyone who comes to your business. Having well-tended landscaping sends a signal that your company pays attention to the details and will go the extra mile to provide quality service.
Talk to one of our design pros today about how we can help you give your commercial property a summer glow up that will make your business stand out.