Greenery and Greatness: Your Business and Overseeding

Overseeding seems like something that would not be ideal, but it is a wonderful strategy for ensuring the grass around your business is as lush and green as possible. While grass usually loves to take root naturally, there is a large chance that weeds may grow, or irregular patches may appear as lawns that are not sufficiently seeded will allow room for unwanted plants that take advantage of the available space.

Get ahead of these determined weeds by having your lawn overseeded which is a method of spreading more than enough grass seed to give it the best chance of taking root and preventing other plants from emerging in your carefully manicured lawn.

Sowing Seed

Overseeding is usually performed in the spring or fall to avoid the freeze of winter and the harsh drying effects of the sun during summer. An added benefit to overseeding in the spring and fall is that the young grass plants can take root and the soil will stay moist enough for them to mature without the fear of drying out. The overseeding process is usually carried out after an aeration of your lawn.

Aerating the lawn is something landscaping companies do to allow more airflow through the ground which will provide your grass with enough oxygen to thrive. This process is also used to loosen up the dense soil that is created by the interconnected series of roots, twigs, and other organic matter called thatch which can damage your turf if the layer extends too far into the ground. In addition to providing oxygen and loosening the thatch, aeration allows for deeper rooting of your turf and reduces the amount of runoff from your lawn meaning your soil holds more water from rain and irrigation systems.

When coupled with aeration, overseeding can provide a powerful means of keeping your lawn lush and vibrant without the environmental risk of using heavy fertilizers and weed killers. Another nice thing about professional aeration and overseeding by Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Removal is that they use a premium fine-blade drought resistance fescue variety of grass, which is tough, grows quickly, and can hold up to the heat and dryness of summer.

Curbside Appeal

Having a picturesque lawn filled with green and unblemished grass is sometimes difficult to accomplish especially without the assistance of a professional lawncare company. However, with the assistance of an experienced team, your lawn can look professional all year long. Having a beautiful green lawn is very important when your property has a grassed area, as it shows of the care you put into your business inside and out.

Final Thoughts

The appeal of a lush lawn to passers-by is something that cannot be understated, and you may even receive more visitors as they will be enthralled by your lovely lawn. The presence of a large, grassed area also offers you the advantage of hosting outdoor functions which are growing increasingly more important as people appreciate being outdoors especially now that staying more distant from others is necessary.

Taking the simple step to routinely aerate and overseed your lawn will make a difference in the curbside appeal of your business by making your outdoor space beautiful, functional, and ready to withstand the harsh summer weather. If you are interested in seeding and aerating your lawn, call Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Removal today, at 314.770.2828 for a consultation.