How Can Hardscapes Help You?

One of the little-broached subjects in initial conversations about landscaping is that of hardscapes. Often, clients are not aware that some landscaping companies specialize in both traditional landscaping and creating masterful hardscapes. The great benefit of this is that your landscaping company can create a beautiful hardscape to compliment your business and provide the means for installing a personalized landscape that looks great all year round.

Think of a hardscape as a foundation for the rest of your landscaping, the framework must be there to give a solid space for your plants and other installations to shine. Hardscapes are a one-time investment that will last for years and stay beautiful with little maintenance for as long as you need it to. Your business can certainly benefit from the installation of a custom hardscape- it is the first step to creating a lasting and beautiful business front.

Not Just Rock

Hardscapes, just like music come in many genres (materials and styles), rock and concrete are just the beginning of the road, but a quality that every hardscape material has is that they are durable and long lasting. One of the more popular alternatives to rock creations is the use of pavers which are colored, shaped, concrete bricks that come in hundreds of colors, shapes, and sizes. Pavers are one of the most popular choices for pathways, patios, and retaining walls as they are smooth and regular, they are also less prone to weather damage and cracking than many traditional materials.

Whether you use natural stone or pavers to customize the landscape of your business, there are many varieties of materials available to create that perfect look. The layout of your hardscape is customizable. Whether it be a patio, retaining wall, seating area, pathway, or any combination of these, you can have an incredible hardscape installed that makes the exterior of your business functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Unrolling Stones

Having a custom hardscape can greatly improve the curb appeal of your business by doing something productive with the space on the exterior of your property other than simply growing grass. While grasses and trees are nice, a stone arrangement to accentuate the beauty of the greener aspects of your landscape by adding a sense of regularity and permanence. Rock and paver creations are a great way to show how much you care about the presentation of your business as they are a lasting investment in your property.

Stonework is very tough and resistant to anything the elements can throw at it; this makes it a popular choice for creating a foundation that accentuates the beauty of your business. Unlike the living elements of your landscape, hardscapes are predictable- they only change if you want them to. This can provide a regular look to the exterior of your property even if the plants in the landscape are constantly growing. This regularity allows your customers a sense of familiarity with your business.

Final Thoughts

In the world of constant change that we live in, it is always nice for people to arrive at a familiar location. While most of this effect is created through impeccable customer service and a friendly atmosphere, appearance is also a wonderful conveyor of familiarity. Installing a hardscape will make the exterior of your business more beautiful, functional, and familiar to your clientele. If you are in need of a hardscape consultation for your property, call Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Removal at (314) 770.2828 to discuss your options.