How Mulch Does It Matter?

Urban and contemporary landscapes have been uplifted from their natural, wild surroundings and replanted into ideal domestic habitats. Free of debris piled atop its surface, landscapes in urban areas have become a well-manicured statement. One of the easiest ways to obtain its success is to incorporate mulch into your landscape preparations!


Why should you mulch?

Aside from the aesthetic appeal it creates for your landscape, mulch has more to offer than just a face lift! A few benefits mulch provides are:

  • Water preservation – slowing moisture evaporation from the soil, minimizing water runoff and increasing moisture retention;
  • Reduces soil erosion;
  • Protects roots from nature’s extreme elements – trapping heat in the cold winter months and keeping the soil cool and protected from direct sunlight as summer sizzles;
  • Creates a physical barrier inhibiting weeds from germinating;
  • Allows oxygen get to plant roots aiding the overall health of your plants;
  • Prevents soil compaction, leaving you with healthy plant roots;
  • Creates walkways/pathways to keep routine foot traffic off your landscape;
  • And for quality aesthetics, it keeps its rich color year round.


What types of mulch to use in the St. Louis region?

Natural non-dyed mulches are commonly used for their natural and organic tendencies. Shredded bark will break down into the soil sending needed nutrients to plants and enriching the soil. They also provide plenty of food and nutrients for the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi within the soil.

Dyed mulch is readily available in any color, adding vibrant, attractive colors that creates contrast within your landscape. Though many choose it for it’s color longevity, dyed mulch serves the same purpose as non-dyed mulches without the quick breakdown and need for cultivation.


When should you mulch?

FlowerbedComing off the winter months and into the spring season, your landscape may have taken a toll from the harsh elements winter has had to offer. Once the soil has warmed and your beds have been cleared from last year’s dead leaves and debris, fresh new mulch is ready to be laid down. This is an easy way to renew the curb appeal effected by the harsh winter months.

At Bluegrass, we use a double ground hardwood dyed brown mulch. Combined with a beautiful bed edge created to separate it from the grass with a straight edge, your mulch application will be the eye catcher of every passerby! Protect your plants and soil today by getting in touch with a Bluegrass Account Manager by using the contact us form or call us at 314-770-2828.





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