How to Bring Life to Your Landscape 

As winter is drawing to an end, warmer weather is all we can think about. Besides the sun in the sky and the sound of birds chirping, there is no other relaxing feeling than to see beautiful flowers in a well-landscaped yard. Here are six spring landscape tips to spruce up your facility.  

  • Do a basic clean-up

The first thing you should do to get ready for spring is to do some basic landscape maintenance and clean your entire yard. Begin by getting rid of excess debris that piled up during winter. 

  • Get out the rake

After you have cleaned up the yard, break out your rake to get rid of leaves that were left from the fall or new ones from the winter. You will also be able to collect loose twigs, pinecones, and acorns as you go. Another benefit of raking is that it loosens up clumped-up grass and helps ignite growth. 

  • Start pruning

Next on the list is to begin pruning. Spring is the best time to prune your trees and shrubs. Not only will you increase the health of your trees, but you will also be removing the potentially dangerous, hanging limbs and giving them a more beautiful shape. Pruning will also help rejuvenate your shrubs while helping them keep their size and shape more manageable. 

  • Edge your lawn

Edging your lawn will help define the area where your lawn ends, and your landscaping begins. It will also prevent grass from growing into your beds and provide your yard with a well-kept appearance. 

  • Add fresh mulch

By adding new, fresh mulch, you are benefiting your plants by controlling the amount of moisture being absorbed and by keeping weeds covered so they can grow. It is recommended to remove the old mulch prior to placing a new layer. Make sure you wait until your plants begin to grow so you do not cover them and prevent their growth. 

  • Fertilize your yard

Adding fertilizer keeps your grass strong. If possible, add fertilizer just before or right after it rains. 

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